412 Fresh: Munchin’ in Market Square

I’ve seen Farmer’s Markets, dance classes, igloos, art installments, yoga classes, and even a small concert take place in downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square. The very landmark refuses to be boxed in when it comes to function but people can agree on two things. The location is beautiful and you will not starve in Market Square . Everywhere you look there’s food in the square and if you can’t find one thing to like than you deserve nothing. Here are my favorite spots in Market Square in no particular order.


Tacos & Cod fritters from Pirata

Technically it’s outside of the square but it’s most definitely a part of the atmosphere. From the moment you step into Pirata you feel like you’re briefly transported to an island as you take in the music, enjoy the rum cocktails at the bar and dance in your seat at the menu options. My favorite is the cod salt fritters and they have a rum punch that’s the perfect amount of sweet and has a bit of a punch to it. They specialize in rums from around the world and they do not disappoint.

Las Velas

412 Fresh: Munchin' Around Market Square
Chicken Flautas at Las Velas

All of my friends have heard of Las Velas and know this is one of my top Mexican spots in Pittsburgh. Perched above Diamond Market Square, it’s a little easy to miss but once you discover it you’ll most definitely be back for more. Their bar is impressive and the assortment of margaritas for their happy hour makes any day happier. I’m certain I’ve tasted pretty much all my favs on their menu. This place will give you good food, great service and won’t break your bank. Try the chicken flautas and thank me later. 

Diamond Market Grill

412 Fresh: Munchin' in Market Square
Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Is this place expensive? Nah! Will you leave full! Absolutely yes! I love the menu at Diamond Market Grill and no matter how much they have on it I still order the same things. Their salmon salad is delicious and balanced.  It’s not often that you get full off a salad so I was surprised.  My other favorite is their pulled chicken barbecue sandwiches. The barbecue sauce is the right balance of tangy and sweet. I always ask for more sauce and it’s like a little slice of heaven.

The Yard

The Yard Gastropub is known for their gourmet grilled cheeses, infamous brunches and their never ending list of craft beers on tap. It’s almost overwhelming to pick something and if they don’t have exactly what you want when it comes to drinks, don’t fret because they have something close to it. I come here for the poutine as fries doused in gravy and cheese curds is the very definition of comfort food heaven.

Nola on the Square

412 Fresh: Munchin' in Market Square

Nola on the Square is a little slice of New Orleans right in the heart of Pittsburgh. As someone who’s been to New Orleans I approve their take on New Orleans fare. Not only will you get great food but they also have live jazz music and beignets. When I come here I get the jambalaya and share it because the portions are insane. I also sub the sausage for extra shrimp and it totally works out. Also don’t leave here without trying the green friend tomatoes because they are indeed worth raving about. They’re supposed to be an appetizer but every time me and a friend go we order our own.

Eating around Market Square is like eating around the world and there’s no shortage of flavor. This isn’t the entire list of awesomeness in the Square but it’s a great start.  What’s your favorite spot in Market Square?

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