412 Fresh: Waterfront Eats

The Waterfront in Homestead is so well thought out that you don’t have to leave the area for anything. There’s a grocery store, multiple retail shops, a movie theater, a retro candy shop, and restaurant after restaurant. You could go to a different restaurant every day for a week and still not hit all the eateries the Waterfront has to offer. I did it so you don’t have to and here are my five favorites.


Three words to describe this place are: hibachi, sushi, and cocktails. Those things are all I really need in a favorite Japanese spot. I love that the service is always pleasant and they don’t skimp on the portions. One of my other favs about this place is their Tsunami Tuesdays where select sushi is half off. They honestly had me at sushi. My go to item is their shrimp and chicken hibachi dinner. Also did you know you can order your hibachi to go? That’s game changing information of you ask me.


Yes, you can craft burgers down to the rub you want your meat seasoned on but the shakes deserve some accolades too. I always go for their chicken burgers with a milkshake. I recently discovered that these guys do vegan milkshakes down to the house made vegan whipped cream. This place tastes like milkshake heaven. On some days I even go for spiking my fav shakes with my fav alcohol. #cheers

Bar Louie

I can never remember the name of this place but I do remember they have special upon specials. From build your own burger days to tacos, they know their audience and they’re good at it. One thing I will give these guys credit for is the fact that they have quite a few brews on tap and their cocktail menu isn’t expensive.

Chic Fil A

Chic Fil A wasn’t going to be included on this list but after further review I discovered that I spend more time here than anywhere else at the Waterfront. First of all, their employees are so nice, secondly they’re a well oiled machine when it comes to getting orders out on time and last but not least their rewards program allows for you to stack all your treats.

Primantis Brothers 

Primantis is a Pittsburgh staple and most of the time I don’t plan on showing up to a Primantis. It’s one of those places where you end up after an event or a movie. Their jam packed sandwiches f topped with fries and coleslaw are the definition of carb heaven.

& On the list to Check Out

Cakery Square

Photo Credit 📷 @CakerySquare Instagram

Cakery Square is a new spot to check out for when you just need to feed your sweet tooth. They offer custom cakes and classes too. I’ve walked past and have seen some of the delectable delights and I can’t wait to try something the next time I’m at The Waterfront.

Being a Mon Valley resident rounding up my top five wasn’t difficult as I’m regular and have my reasons. What’s your fav spot to hit at The Waterfront?

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