& Too Much

I’m a dark skin woman who loves rap, EDM, pop, and country music.
Growing up my peers told me
I was too dark and I talk “too white”
I actually had someone ask, “Why do you talk like that,” and
an older lady told me that she didn’t know dark people resided up north.
“Are your parents from here too?”

my top two hobbies
weren’t exactly cool
“Zip lining sounds like something a white person would do.”

“I always wanted a mixed baby. Your chocolate skin is so beautiful.”
That doesn’t sound
too creepy
coming from a white guy on our second date after
me just dipping my toe back into the dating pool
His race didn’t matter until I felt like the
dessert on the middle of the table.

Apparently I’m too much and
too little of a bit of everything but
somehow I’m just enough of
the right stuff
to be happy with who I am and
not worry about who
people want me to be.

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