412 Faces: Jazz Garcelle

Aspiration: Full-Time Singer/Model/Actress
Dream Music Festival Lineup: Jessie J, Christina Aguilera, MIA
Favorite 412 Place: The Point
If I were trapped on an island and could only have three things they would be: case of drinkable water, music player and hair products

412 Faces: Jazz GarcelleIt wouldn’t surprise me if Jazz Garcelle’s first words were actually notes to her favorite songs. The Pittsburgh native oozes passion. She breathes and lives for music as she’s been doing it for so long that it’s a part of her. Even with a full-time job, Jazz treats her music career as one also. It’s a balance and it takes discipline and dedication. Before she was belting out tunes in the studio every Sunday, Jazz found herself performing in her parents’ garage putting on talent shows. Some say the biggest obstacle to success is themselves but Jazz doesn’t have to worry about that as she knows she’s going to make it in the music industry. The moment she knew she had something is when she sang at her eighth-grade graduation. Jazz fell in love with the stage and the rush and wanted anyone that would listen to know it.

The hardest part about finishing her debut EP is finding the right producers because making music takes a level of trust and the right schedules. This EP is an introduction to her huge powerful voice after all. She describes her EP as something original music that moves you and will not release it until she’s one hundred percent certain that it all marries well together. It doesn’t surprise me that she’s a perfectionist or some of her idols have big voices as she may be tiny but Jazz Garcelle has a big voice that forces all to listen to the soul in her voice. That big voice will most definitely take her places further than the 412 area code but she appreciates her city as making it here is important to her. The city is welcoming and she wants to tour regionally before expanding out. She’s produced a few events in Pittsburgh and sees herself doing more. She hopes the city welcomes her EP with open arms as Pittsburgh doesn’t have much of an R&B scene right now. As someone that’s heard her sing live, I’m looking forward to hearing her EP and what she has to say. When it comes to the features and the title of the project, Jazz Garcelle is tight lipped as she can’t give it all away. Whatever it is, I’m more than certain that it’s worth the wait.

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  1. Beautiful page and music!


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