412 Fresh: Superior Motors

Superior Motors taught me a valuable lesson. Never write a restaurant review the same day as your visit because great food and experiences stay fresh in your mind forever. My summer Yelp review was written hours after my visit to Superior Motors  and now that I’ve had time to marinate what better time than ever to reflect back on it?

Upon hearing of Superior Motors arrival I had been to a Kevin Sousa restaurant before that didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth but I went into this experience with a clean slate and palette. I’m glad I did, because the staff was friendly (I recognized most of them from the neighborhood) and the decor was rustic.

After me and my mother were seated we looked at the menu and then at one another kind of undecided on an entree. We don’t eat beef or pork so that left salmon, a vegetarian dish, or chicken. We went the chicken route. I’m a bit familiar with fine dining and it’s small plates with big flavors. The chicken was juicy but not memorable as me and my mother ended up not finishing it.

The dessert however is hugely where the tables turned. I stared at the smoked chocolate dessert and smiled as I spooned some my way. It was decadent, rich, and the right amount of sweetness. I didn’t bother with the matcha powder I was just interested in the chocolate. I think my mom only got to taste it and I ate the entire thing. The experience left off on all the right notes and flavors. I probably won’t go for the chicken again but as this spot is in my neighborhood I’ll be back for dessert and the friendly, knowledgeable staff. It’s also pretty cool that Braddock residents can sign up to get a discount as a thank you for the community support. I can’t wait to see what else this restaurant cooks up.

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  1. Sorry you weren’t sold on the chicken, but def glad you enjoyed the dessert!
    Also it’s a plus that as a member of the community you get additional discounts, saving coins is always a plus!

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    1. Dae says:

      Yes. I will definitely be back.


  2. Giselle S. says:

    The chocolate desert looks amazing!

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    1. Dae says:

      Thanks. If was. It was light and decadent.


  3. Kris B says:

    The plating was so pretty its sad it didn’t taste good. I am glad you will return and next time try the salmon.

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