LeMont Pittsburgh: Dinner with a View

LeMont has always been on my list of Pittsburgh restaurants to try but I had been putting it off for fear that it was too fancy, expensive, and parking would be a headache. A recent Yelp event proved two of those three things wrong (the decor is fancy and I absolutely love it).

Lemont Dinner with a View

LeMont has been a staple for years. They’ve seen their share of engagements, dates, and weddings. The current owners of the restaurant were married at the restaurant when the old owners still owned it and when they saw the restaurant was for sale, they purchased it. Talk about a love story. The manager explained the story with such delight it almost sounded fairytale like.

LeMont Dinner with a View

Once we were seated and I looked back at the view I knew dinner was going to be nothing less than spectacular. I was right! And it turns out it was worth getting lost to find this place.

Yes, they have a regular menu that has something for all your taste buds but their seasonal menu is amazingly amazing and super affordable. I tried so very hard to savor the broccoli cheddar soup and inhaled it instead and I regret nothing. Why go for the salad (which I’m sure was pretty delectable) when you can have creamy and savory soup? For my entree I was torn between salmon and pumpkin flavored ravioli and because I was feeling a bit daring I went with the ravioli and it didn’t disappoint. We eat so much fish in my house sometimes I’m afraid I’ll grow gills. This butternut ravioli had a hint of sweetness as it was topped with pecans and it was so creamy and filling that I had to tap out and get a to go box. I had to leave room for the grand finale or as most people call it, dessert. Funnel cake a la mode not only sounded delicious but it was. Never have I ever had a funnel cake that was crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. It was the right hint of salty and sweet. The pumpkin spiced ice cream was truly the cherry on top. I was glad this was saved for last as how do you top that? You don’t! Their seasonal menu is changing soon so if you don’t get a chance to dive into this one do dive into another as you can get three courses for under forty bucks a person. Also if you get a chance to check out their wine menu please do and thank me later. Have you checked out LeMont? What’s your fav dish?

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