Bright: The Sequel Will Be Brighter

Eleven million people tuned into Netflix’s Bright starring Will Smith and fans either liked it or loathed it. Either way it doesn’t matter because it was slated for a sequel before it even hit your queue.

Bright: The Sequel Will Be Brighter
Bright was pretty to look at

Although it was the highest budgeted film in Netflix history, many people hated the movie because it was a bit of art mirroring life. In a world where orcs, fairies, and elves coexist with humans,  Officer Ward (Will Smith) is teamed up with the first and only officer orc Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). Officers don’t care for Jakoby and fellow orcs view Jakoby as a traitor as orcs don’t care for cops and vice versa. The movie focuses on classism a bit as each race has different privileges in society. The elves are snobs and the orcs are frowned upon because… I’ve watched the movie twice and don’t know why the orcs are hated.

After stumbling upon a elf who happens to be a bright with a magic wand, Jakoby and Ward get into a heap of trouble that doesn’t make them orc or human but survivors because everyone wants the wands even the cops.

People hated the movie because of the undertones of classism and racism. People want to escape in a fantasy where these things don’t exist and get upset that they have to. Most likely the people that were uncomfortable with the theme were the same people that were uncomfortable with racism. If racism makes you uncomfortable then you’re human as until everyone is outraged and uncomfortable than no one can be enlightened. If people were as uncomfortable about racism in the real world then change might occur.

As far as Bright goes it was mostly dim but had some bright spots. It is humanly possible that a lot of people hated the movie because it was mediocre at best. The humor was cute in a buddy cop movie kind of way. When I saw that it was directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayers I knew to hold my breath as the moving picture would be breathtaking.

Bright: The Sequel Will Be Brighter

On another note, the movie lacked in depth when it came to character development. Suicide Squad also fell victim to this problem. There are so many characters that I didn’t get attached to because I knew nothing about. The wife is never really mentioned again or seen and there are so many moving pieces and loose ends here that a sequel has to happen. Hopefully the sequel will be a prequel explaining how elves, fairies, orcs, and humans grew to coexist, why they don’t like each other, and what led to the tension. The next production could explain the war leading to such a prejudiced society. It must be more character focused and less story driven to get anyone to care or invest or be attached to the characters because as of now Ward and Jakoby are cool but halfway into the movie their cool factor wears off.

Bright: The Sequel Will Be Brighter

Maybe this is just the beginning of a thought provoking movie like the first Purge or maybe it’ll go down in history as just the movie that Netflix threw all the money into and people were outraged about. Either way, people are watching and starting conversations about it because it’s something worth talking about. It wasn’t the best movie but it wasn’t the worst. What did you think about Bright? Will you give the sequel a second chance? Was it the worst movie of 2017?

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