Happy Mon(Daé) 19

  Mon(Daè) Motivation

“If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.” That’s my motto all 2018! I’m not sure what cruise and beach that I took this photo but it definitely is giving me vacation vibes. ✌🏾

I’m Rockin’

Happy Mon(Daé) 19

Rue21 got me through college and I must say I still rock some things from Rue (my fav purple plaid button up is from Rue and I’ve had it since college).  As someone who’s job is a casual environment my closet is still mostly graphic tees and skinny jeans.  I probably  wouldn’t wear all of these outfits to work but these three outfits were a treat to myself after the holiday season. And the fact that I had a ton of Rue Bucks was a plus. My fav two pieces are the faux fur jacket (it makes me feel fancy and the fact that I’m anti real fur makes me love it more) and the houndstooth skinnies. I never shop outfits in one sitting but this time I actually did. Their shipping is also pretty phenomenal as it took them two days to ship my order with standard shipping.

412 Fresh

Pittsburgh Winter Restaurant Week is coming and the restaurant list is amazing! It’s like Black Friday Week for all your favorite places.

Happy Mon(Daé) 19

January 20th | Tickets

The 90s are back. Bar Crawl Nation has returned to Pittsburgh with their 90s themed bar crawl. Get drink specials at your favorite south side bars, enjoy the 90s music and come dressed in your favorite 90s attire.

V Lounge is having a silent party on January 14th. Silence might not sound like your kind of party until you get there and get these colorful headphones that’s playing your favorite tunes while you and your friends are dancing to the rhythm to your own beat.

Happy Mon(Daé) 19

A ticket to Pancakes & Booze at spirit on January 27 will get you free pancakes, live music, lots of art and body painting. Honestly I was sold at the pancake bar.

Skate for a cause. Trap Skate Party at Neville Roller Drome is just that. Support a young woman with a rare genetic disorder as all the proceeds will go to Unique Cargile to learn more about this event and this young woman check out the official link.

Now Playing

Just when I thought this song couldn’t get any better Bruno pulled the unexpected.

I know this dropped a while ago and made this list back then but I still know every note to this and jam while I’m in the car.

Pia Mia has some hits and Spotify keeps recommending them to me.

Happy Links

These brothers 16 and 18 went viral for their college acceptance video and it landed them an appearance on Ellen.

Yes iZombie is cool but The 100 finally got a release date. April 24th are you here yet?

Who knew a photo of a guy knitting on the train would go viral to the point where he’s knitting more than he has before. (The site was designed by me)

This Turbo Tax commercial already won 2018. Why didn’t they save this for the Superbowl?

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