How the Next Suicide Squad Can Do Better

As far as critics were concerned, Suicide Squad was dead on arrival. The fans obviously liked it as it grossed millions of dollars. Sure, it wasn’t the greatest movie of 2016 but as I sit back and watch the movie for the umpteenth time more than a year later and I realize that the movie introduced fans to this series of bad guys doing the rescuing. It was by no means an orgin movie but sometimes pretended to be so. The movie had an action packed cast, a killer soundtrack and was visually stunning. Where it lacked in story it picked up everywhere else. My eyes overlooked some of the storyline flaws because I was too focused on the excellent shots of Gotham City and singing along to the catchy soundtrack.

This movie had all the makings of a critically acclaimed box office hit and as rumors float around about a sequel, the next person that directs a Suicide Squad series has a clean slate. There’s so many ways a sequel can go. For instance, years later the real villain, The Joker could have a posse of his own villains terrorizing Gotham and Project X villains assemble to take down the Joker with some hiccups along the way. Or the next movie could forward to years later when the bad guys are released and try to adjust to living in a modern day Gotham. Either way the next Suicide Squad villain will be a million times better than Enchantress. Her backstory was the most interesting thing about her. I felt that whole lightening in the sky villain taking over mankind was a bit cliche.

A sequel is nice but what fans really need are prequels. Members of the elite Suicide Squad deserve their own movies. How did Dead Shot get into the business of killing people? Who is the mother of his daughter? Besides evolution taking a step backwards, why is Killer Croc a gator? Why is the Australian bank robber carrying around a plush unicorn? I’m slightly attached to these characters (except Katana we could’ve done without Katana) but I know nothing about them. I would even watch an orgin movie about the Australian Bank robber (I never remember his name) and his plush unicorn. The characters mostly make this movie. If it wasn’t for the stunning visuals and the award winning performances by actors I wouldn’t have gotten attached to the characters.

After giving each character an origin movie DC should pat themselves on the back and release another Suicide Squad and like the first Purge Movie we can pretend that everyone (I mean everyone) loved the very first Suicide Squad. Everything beyond the story line worked perfectly for this movie down to the marketing strategy. What was your take on Suicide Squad? Were the critics too harsh or not harsh enough?

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