Seat Yourself at Federal Galley

What’s better than going to one yummy restaurant? Going to four under one roof is the correct answer. And just when you think that there’s no way the peeps at Smallman Galley can outdo themselves, they did!

Seat Yourself at Federal Galley

Federal Galley is located at Nova Place and it’s just as cool as its location and bigger than its older sibling. Federal hosts four restaurants with a little bit for everyone. El Lugar (Mexican fare), Michigan and Trumbull (Detroit Style Pizza), Provision Pittsburgh (American fare), and Supper (New American). Each concept is side by side yet separate establishments. It’s like a fancier yet intimate food court with a bar.

Tacos are a food group and you can’t tell me otherwise. El Lugar describes their menu as traditional Mexican with amusing twists. I was sold with one scoop of their guacamole and I’m not the biggest fan of guac (I know don’t roast me for it). They have everything from taco platters to tres leches and their menu is diverse as vegan options are throughout their menu.

Seat Yourself at Federal Galley

Do I like beets? Nope! They absolutely didn’t entice me until I tried Provision Pittsburgh’s pickled beets. I didn’t think they would be much of an appetizer but the chef’s made me a believer. Provision used to be a tenant at Smallman Galley and they’re no stranger to playing with bold flavors turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes.

Seat Yourself at Federal Galley

Vegan ice cream is either a hit or miss and the peeps at Supper know this as their vegan ice cream sampler is a home run. I sampled the coconut ice cream and realize not all vegan ice cream is created equal. The consistency was the closest thing to actual dairy. The ice cream isn’t the only vegan option as half the menu is vegan and gluten free.

Seat Yourself at Federal Galley

I have a strong connection to pizza as the right pizza can turn strangers into friends. I haven’t met a soul that doesn’t like pizza and I hope to keep it that way as I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. I’m not saying Michigan and Trumbull’s pizza is the key to world peace but man it’s close enough! Good thing I can’t buy just one slice of this Detroit Style Pizza as it’s addicting and if you also get their homemade ranch it takes the white pizza to another level. Detroit Style Pizza is doughy, not too saucy, and the right amount of cheese. Named after the cross streets of the Tiger’s Stadium, Michigan and Trumbull have figured out the right equation for pizza.

Federal Galley is readying up a beer garden while already having quite the happy hour. They take no reservations because duh, and this 200 seat space is big enough for the biggest of groups! So don’t be afraid and seat yourself!

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