Happy Mon(Daé) 21

It’s one of those Mondays where everyone should get a gold star for existing. The Pittsburgh gloom isn’t making it any better, our roads are holding on just as great as our motivation, but cheers to a positive and productive week ahead and pushing through every detour.

Happy Mon(Daé) 21

412 Freshness

There’s so much positivity happening in the city while we wait for the weather to catch up.

Sprout is out to plant one last round of investment seeds before closing their doors. Sprout has been providing grant money in the Pittsburgh area for over a decade. Nominate someone today.

Tacos & Vino Festival is happening this Saturday at the David L Lawrence Convention Center and there’s even a Groupon Deal on it. There will be a dozen taco vendors. All I really need in life is tacos and good wine.

Funny dude (comedian) Chris D’Elia is in town this week performing at the Byham Theater. He’s like really funny and if you don’t believe me watch the clip.

Great moms are the closest things to superheros we have. Bless the creator of the Good Mama Awards recognizing “mamaprenuers” who grind. Nominees include the creators of Quicc Candles and Cakes by Joelisa. Put in your votes and check out all the awesome moms.

Pizza is a food group. I could live off tacos and pizza every day but the adult in me knows better. Federal Galley’s Michigan & Trumbull is serving up a huge pizza party with their speciality Detroit Style Pizza and brews on April 16th. The Ninja Turtles would approve.

Speaking of TMNT, Boozin Through the 90s is back with a 90s themed bar crawl set with LED wristbands telling you when to go to the next bar, 90s swag, and drinks specials all night.

Lights, camera, action: Ray Darten Pop Up Shop and fashion show is happening February 14th – 15th and the looks are everything. The only thing better than a fashion show is the ability to buy fashion. “Both are awesome.”

Style and Glam has glam in the bag this April. Friday is spa and Glam day and next week is their magazine launch.

Thrillist named the hottest bars in every state and Tiki Bar made the list. I see how as Tiki’s music is nice and it doesn’t feel like Carson.

Braddock Civic Plaza is celebrating the opening of this food trick accessible, free wifi having green space. What better way to celebrate than a block party on July 7th? All interested vendors for the community pop up market should contact me at imjustdae@gmail.com. Speaking of Braddock, they’re looking for entries in their annual chili cook-off.

I’m an official brand ambassador for the 2018 Hustle Her Way Summit which brings creative women together in the spirit of entrepreneurial empowerment through workshops, networking, keynotes, and more. The event sells out every year and takes place June 8-10 so you should get your tickets like yesterday. I was sold at women supporting other women and the creator has quite the brand as she owns Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics.

Now Playing

Neyo knows good music I’ll give him that.

The Awarewolves Podcast has me paying five dollars a month for a once a week show and it’s more than worth it.


Kyle’s rap style is California Dork. Him and Futuristic both have this sound that makes me want to listen to all their music.

How can anyone forget Drake? He drops music and we listen.

Happy Links

She’s the face behind the newest meme and she’s just as tickled.

With all due respect Karen can keep her potato salad at home. This was a genius writing on SNL’s part.

Fahrenheit 451 looks like my kind of Scify.



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