The 2018 Hustle Her Way Summit Dropped Gems

The Hustle Her Way Summit can’t be labeled as conference. Conference is an understatement as at a conference you stay and listen and the information you’ve gathered from it probably never leaves that venue. This was an eye opening experience full of so many positive women making boss moves. Although it was only three days, Hustle Her Way was full of gems that I was ready to apply to my life immediately. Women from different backgrounds, industries, and generations bonded together over experiences, positivity, and entrepreneurship.

The quotes on the windows at Spaces are motivating enough
Hustle Her Way Summit Kickoff at Wigle Whiskey

The first day was a networking kickoff party at Wigle Whiskey’s Barrelhouse and it was a nice way to break the ice since we would be spending the next day with one another. I’m no stranger to Wigle and their drinks are just as great as their space. Attendees got a taste of what the following day would embody as the keynote speaker Jessica Strong described her journey to creating the company Flexable. She saw a need for childcare and work/life balance and came up with the cool idea of bringing childcare to companies and events as opposed to employees needing to look elsewhere. It’s a phenomenal idea and business strategy. It’s amazing to listen to people’s journey to how they got to where they are.

Hoshi food truck was on standby for all the good eats.
Jess Strong dropping gems

That Saturday morning all the attendees gathered at Spaces in Bakery Square which is one of the coolest co-working spaces I’ve seen thus far, and enjoyed a full day of workshops, keynote speakers, a self care panel, vendors, and even a few giveaways. You didn’t have to choose your workshop ahead of time and you didn’t have to stick to one track. I enjoyed the PR gems dropped by Public Relations guru Candice Nicole Mackel, how to get out of my own way by life coach Lytia Brock, not waiting my turn with Mayor Marita Garrett, and learning about how books are the new resumes with author Mercy B Carruthers.

Ta’lor Pinkston creator of Ladyhood Journeyselling her self care collection
Life coach Lytia Brock shared gems on how to get out of your own way

The whole weekend was full of great women who all had different stories of how they got to where they wanted to be. Some takeaways were valuing yourself and betting on yourself because no one else will be your biggest fan. The theme of the weekend was risk over regret and that was definitely evident in a lot of the stories. From one woman waking up one day and realizing she wasn’t being valued at her company and immediately putting together an exit plan to author Mercy B realizing books could make her money and taking the leap into authorship full time, there were so many inspirational gems dropped in the two days I attended. These are the ones that will forever resonate with me.

Networking is encouraged. Why can’t every office be nice as this.

“Always think bigger than where you are right now.” – Jess Strong

“No job will love you as much as you love you.” – Jess Strong

“There’s never a right time to do anything.” – Marita Garrett

Mayor Marita Garrett sharing her story
Creator of the Hustle Her Way brand, Kyshira Moffett was there to welcome everyone.

“We have to get used to not being the only woman at the table.” Marita Garrett

“Treat intrusive thoughts like they’re visitors and push them away.” Sharice Nance

This panel on self care was everything.

“A lot of overnight success were 5-10 years in the making.” – Kyshira Moffett

“Successful women don’t have the answers. Success comes from action.” – Kyshira Moffett

“Command your mornings because your morning becomes your day and your day becomes your life.” Tiffany Huff-Strothers

“Be mindful of what is urgent and what is a priority.” – Tiffany Huff-Strothers

“You’re the flower pot and each seed you speak is within you.” – Lytia Brock

Candice Nicole taught us how to pitch ourselves and even gave a little homework.

“Get out of your own way. Drop I can’t, they won’t believe, it won’t work, because someone needs what you got.” – Lytia Brock

I did purchase some awesome goodies from the boss babe vendors to put in my Hustle Her Way goodie bag

I would have zero issue with every weekend being like the Hustle Her Way Summit as it was inspiring and motivating. It was my first time attending the annual event that is still in its infancy but it won’t be my last. This is one of those events that prove that a room full women can make a big difference! It’s nice to see former attendees become vendors and vendors become speakers because if we don’t hold the door open for one another who will?

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