Drake Just Won the Internet

Drake Just Won the Internet

Drake is notorious for slaughtering people when it comes to exchanging bars in a rap beef. That’s why when rapper Pusha T dropped the track “Infrared” coming for Drake everyone was excited to see how it would unfold. The rap game is still divided over who won the Drake and Meek Mill beef that seemed like it went down yesterday!

Drake dropped “Duppy Freestyle” and everyone was all “okay,” and then Pusha T went for the jugular and dropped “The Story of Adidon” and everyone stopped what they were doing. The track alleged Drake had a hidden kid and Pusha used a photo shoot of Drake in black face. It seemed like an eternity went by before we heard from Drake again and to everyone’s surprise we didn’t get a direct diss instead we got a video to “I’m Upset” which featured most of the Degrassi class from his wheelchair Jimmy days (No JT though). Just like that as if he worked for the Men in Black Drake tried to make the internet forget that a beef even existed and in my opinion it kind of worked! Like a kid with a shiny toy the internet stopped and relished in the nostalgic trip down memory lane. Degrassi fans didn’t even know they wanted a reunion until they got one!

Sure, Pusha has bars and made some great points but Drake reunited Degrassi and reminded us of his roots. It’s like no response is still a response and Drake kind of won anyway. That’s a bold statement to make I know but, when Drake responds with a diss track most people lose and in this case when he didn’t respond and reminded everyone he was an actor first and he’s an adorable cornball I was all “oh yeah that is Drake and look there’s Nina Dobrev.” Pusha T went for it but in a way if he won the rap battle between him and legendary-ish status Drake he still didn’t get a response so he kind of lost and at this point I’m not even certain Drake should respond. Ignoring him would leave him battling by himself. Dissing Drake seems to be a profitable marketing move though because in the age of mumble rap a lot of people had no idea who the rapper was. Drake should probably bill Pusha for his services because a good rap beef with the right person could make or break your career and in this case it gave Push some buzz. Do you think Drake should’ve responded or is no response the best response in this case? Will we even remember this short lived beef?


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