Destination Delicious: TerriBerriez Sweet Boutique and Cafe Opening Soon

When Terri Lawson approached me for a logo for her side hustle TerriBerriez Sweet Boutique and Café, I hadn’t seen the destination yet. Every week we sat at the local Panera discussing goals and accomplishments beyond blogs, logos, and fonts. Instead, we talked strategy and not once did I consider myself a mentor until one meeting she sat across from me as I ate my Cinnamon Crunch Bagel and dropped two heavy words. “I quit.”

Destination Delicious: TerriBerriez Sweet Boutique and Cafe Opening Soon
Photo Credit. The Milton Company Complex

“Quit what?” Puzzled I stared at her hoping she wasn’t giving up her dream as her chocolate turtles alone could keep her business afloat.

“My job,” she said matter-of-factly.

Destination Delicious: TerriBerriez Sweet Boutique and Cafe Opening Soon

Apparently, my weekly motivational talks really got to her. “I didn’t say do that but I absolutely support this.”

She needed a bigger base and a bigger kitchen. Her day job was hindering her creativity and taking away valuable energy. Everyone needed to hear her story of how TerriBerriez was born out of a need to do something while she was battling cancer. These masterpieces added color to her darkest days. If it could be dipped in chocolate she’s done it and perfected it.

The journey hasn’t always been sweet though. Terri explained that she had tried to open a storefront before and failed but she’s survived worse and refuses to give up.

224 Braddock Avenue may be taking a while to get up and running but she’s waited years for this moment so a few months of construction is nothing.

Terri specializes in humongous gourmet sandwiches and decadent chocolate dipped berries. While her storefront is under construction she hosts pop ups every Monday at the American Legion Post #527. She also takes online orders every day.

We’re not certain how long the journey will take but we are certain that the destination is delicious.

Feel free to check out Terri’s work and donate to her Gofundme as every sandwich and cent is going to building a sweet dream.

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