Find Your Tribe: Grlpwr Pgh

For Pittsburgh to be such a small city, finding your tribe is a little hard especially with so many people in their own personal bubbles. Creator of A.Faye PR and founder of Grlpwr Pgh, Amanda Cowan saw a need for a community and Grlpwr Pgh was born.

Find Your Tribe: Grlpwr Pgh

Grlpwr Pgh is more than just monthly girl talk. It’s a quarterly members only group of Pittsburgh women who meet at least monthly to enjoy awesome curated events like clothing swaps, networking happy hours, potlucks, and even a getaway retreat. Being a woman in today’s society is a bit much especially for professionals and moms who need a little women empowerment in their lives.

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From Self-Love Sundays to decking out your denim, Grlpwr Pgh’s mantra is to come as you are and be unapologetically fierce with it. There is no typical Grlpwr member as they come from many parts of the city and different industries.

Still slightly in its infancy, Grlpwr Pgh has made waves in the city. Grlpwr is creating networking opportunities the old-fashioned way by encouraging women to share their vision rather it’s a cool idea for an event or a vending opportunity to showcase someone’s dream. People feel more inclined to leave the house if they’re expecting good vibes or know their drinks and food are already covered when they show up to these events.

Cowan doesn’t see herself slowing down any time soon. She found a need to reach more fierce and fabulous women and Conquer Your Queendom Conference was born. Conquer Your Queendom celebrates all things female empowerment and on April 28th Hip at the Flashlight Factory will be beaming with it.

Find Your Tribe: Grlpwr Pgh

Hopefully this is the first of many queendom conferences for Grlpwr Pgh as there’s strength in numbers. If one woman can make an impact, a tribe of fierce intelligent women can change the world.

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  1. ANNESE says:

    Love this. I was born and raised in the Burgh and it’s great to see things like this!


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