The 100 Starts Season 6 with The Murphy Show

Season 6 episode 1 of CW’s The 100 is now titled The Murphy Show. I asked for Murphy and the TV Gods heard me. Murphy is a lot like our old friend Jasper Jordan if Jasper only cared about himself. Murph has survived Earth, several apocalypses, heartbreak, and it’s helped him grow. He pretty much embraces Murphy’s Law and just rolls with it.

The 100 Starts Season 6 with The Murphy Show

Our leaders Bellamy and Clarke want to do better this time on Planet Alpha but in true Murphy fashion, Murph doesn’t care. He just wants to live and kind of win his gal pal Emori back. They are a match made in heaven. It’s like Em is Murph if she was a woman. She’s his better half and sometimes hates that she loves him.

This new planet is beautiful but it looks abandoned. Everyone just up and left and those who didn’t leave it wasn’t for lack of trying. The smartest thing our favorite juveniles did was not send the whole team to Alpha to see if it was inhabitable because guess what… it’s not. The great Monty didn’t find a new planet he found a moon. I don’t know the logistics of it but the team finds out later in the first episode that it’s not good. If you thought the last survivable spot on Earth was bad, Alpha is a hundred times worse.

The rest of the episode is filled with Abby rationalizing her bad decisions, Raven refusing to enable her, Octavia owning up to her mess, and Clarke’s apology tour 125 years in the works. Forget surviving Alpha… can this crew survive each other? Here are some of my favorite moments from the premiere.


The 100 Starts Season 6 with The Murphy Show

There wasn’t a particular Murphy line or moment, it was all Murphy actually. This carefree, “you can’t kill me” attitude is awesome.

Bellamy finally big brothering up.

The 100 Starts Season 6 with The Murphy Show

“My sister my responsibility” has been Bellamy’s mantra since she came from out under the floor.

Bellamy literally kept his baby sister on ice so she could chill out because in true big brother fashion, he’s had it with her shenanigans. She hasn’t been the same since losing Lincoln seasons ago and right now she’s just out here living her best life being all Blood Queen and what not.

Raven and Shaw all Booed Up

The 100 Starts Season 6 with The Murphy Show

I was happy to see Raven get a bae. They’re super cute and a power couple. They both know their way around technology making them super valuable to the team. It’s been a minute since she’s been this happy. This is season one Raven. It does kind of periodically make miss Finn though.

Octavia Owning up to Being a Monster.

The 100 Starts Season 6 with The Murphy Show

“I’m a monster,” literally came out of the girl’s mouth. I was all, “okay, glad you know it.”

Everyone’s either afraid of Octavia or completely over the fact that she is the alpha warrior when it comes to strength. She may not be great at strategizing but she can fight. There’s only so much of it’s my way or the highway that the crew can take. If it was up to her big brother Bellamy, it would be the highway because she’s all types of out of control! She’s like the big bad wolf but her bark and bite are absolutely bad.

Miller took a break from beating himself up and as soon as they landed he said, “anybody got anything better than we’re back bitches?” That gave me season one feels.

Obviously Planet Alpha is a distraction in season six. The real test is dealing with each other. Raven and Shaw hate Abby, Octavia hates Kane, Bell is tired of Octavia, Miller hates himself and just about everyone hates Clarke. I can’t wait to see how they survive that this season. Issa mess! I’m dedicated to watching this unfold every week. Fair warning this new planet isn’t all rosy. Someone dies twenty-five minutes into the season opener. Kind of bummed as I didn’t see that heroic act coming and it’s kind of a game changer. What do you think of the premiere?



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