The 100 Season 6 episode 2 is a One Way Trip

It seems like our favs have escaped death 100 times over. I renamed season 6 episode 1 of CW’s The 100 Murphy’s Law. This second episode is hereby dubbed Never Split the Difference as in Diyoza could run a whole academic department on negotiating. She may be harsh but her way or no way tactical approach is effective!

Episode one left off with Emori having a moment and suddenly trying to kill our main man Murphy. Everything gets real when Bellamy realizes the nursery book is not a fable but nonfiction.

Episode two picks up right where they left us. One by one, the explorer team is losing their minds and this eclipse has turned them all (except Clarke) into homicidal maniacs. Night blood isn’t saving Clarke from homicidal serendipity instead she’s bogged down with guilt. Murphy saves the day. In fact Murphy and Echo handle their moonar eclipse trips well.

The 100 Season 6 episode 2 is a One Way Trip

While homicidal havoc is keeping the explorer team busy on the ground, the team that hijacked their ship docks in space and tries to take control of the rest of the crew. There are two problems with this ingenious plan and their names are Raven and Diyoza. Raven realizes she needs help and thaws out a still very pregnant Diyoza. Negotiating is where this woman truly shines. She has zero chill and carefully kills whomever gets in the way of her and her baby living their best lives.

This episode was full of great insults as all they did was insult each other and in Clarke’s case she insulted herself. Clarke’s pity party of one got super intense when she realized people die around her. Octavia blamed everyone for her loss in the valley. Bygones cannot be bygones. Abby and Kane are dead to her.

The 100 Season 6 episode 2 is a One Way Trip

Clarke hallucinates Abby and calls herself the plague, “you infect people.” And the line about “there are good people. You’re just not one of them” hit me in the feels.

Bellamy calling a Murphy a court jester was unnecessary especially since Murphy turned a new leaf and tried to disarm Bell while keeping Clarke from trying to kill herself. His hands were full and that can’t be the thing that kills him. Cockroaches can swim, right?

After all those struggles on the ground and communication with the space team being super dead, another team comes down to rescue them. My heart broke for Raven. She deserves a nervous breakdown.

The 100 Season 6 episode 2 is a One Way Trip

I’m praying Octavia stowing away with the rescue team was a good idea even though it’s not or she would’ve got an invite. It all led up to the rescue team finding the explorer team, the eclipse passing by, and the people returning. Clarke meets a kid name Rose who is super cute and heartwarming until she excitedly asks “Are you here to take us home?”

Clarke’s all confused, This ain’t home? Little girl where do you live?

No amount of luggage could’ve prepared them for this trip. I’m certain our favorites can survive Planet Alpaha but I’m weary of Alpha surviving them.

I got so many questions like how often are these eclipses? Their apology tour has to be cray like, “I’m sorry for what I did when I was homicidal. The moon made me do it.”

Lastly, where is home for these people and how did they land on Alpha?

It’s really called Fog of War but Never Splitting the Difference sounds believable. Hopefully these people will be more hospitable than the people who stole their ship and tried to hold them hostage but I doubt it. What was your favorite part of the second episode?

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