Will The 100 Ever Come in Peace?

When someone dies and comes back to life before the opening credits you know it’s going down! Season 6 episode 3 of The 100 is officially titled Children of Gabriel. This is where our favorites finally introduce themselves to the rightfully skeptical residents of Planet Alpha. The theme of this episode was peace and we know The 100 aren’t great with peace. I’m concerned that they wouldn’t even know what to do with peace if they had it! My new title for this episode is “We Sorta Come in Peace.”

Will The 100 Ever Come in Peace?

It’s a super fitting title as we know Clarke and the gang wants to change but they can’t. All they know is war. Clarke asked their king to stay and he’s all I’m thinking about it.”

Meanwhile, Jordan is all smitten with the princess and spilling his guts to the first pretty woman he’s ever met which is unknowingly undoing all of Clarke’s diplomatic progress.

Will The 100 Ever Come in Peace?

My favorite scene was the banter between Diyoza and Maddie. Maddie brings all the sass when Diyoza insists she should just be a kid. Maddie reminds her that she’s carrying the spawn of two mass murderers. “Can’t wait to meet her,” she even adds sarcastically.

After that everything goes kind of fast on this episode. Jordan’s history lesson makes the king weary of letting them stay. Bellamy has reached his boiling point with his sister’s shoot first, ask questions later attitude and he leaves her in the words for the sake of herself and others. The princess is kidnapped and Clarke is all heroic and what not and her bravery allows them to stay.

Octavia only knows how to warrior and on this new planet gets herself captured in record breaking timing. I know I shouldn’t have been amused but I was. Someone needs to humble her a bit.

Just when we think things are calming down (they never do) we discover that Diyoza’s reputation precedes her and she’s banished from the town because she’s a terrorist. They have zero sympathy for her or her baby.

Will The 100 Ever Come in Peace?

The terms of the group being allowed to stay includes waking no one else up which is interesting because we know Abby won’t handle that well with Kane being in cryo. Also, the hope of keeping Maddie’s history a secret is also hard. Bell’s gonna be super pissed with himself when he finds out his sister is captured. Also, also, does Jordan have a girlfriend now? His first day out of space and he’s already attracting women. So many questions and thoughts and there’s barely enough time. These episodes are way too short. Planet Alpha seems like a happy place but this season seems darker. So far I like this season and early on I’m comparing it to the Mt. Weather season because they’re trying to inhabit someone else’s territory. What was your favorite part of the episode? Any predictions?

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