The Millennials Are Exhausted

Millennial burnout should be called exhaustion. As an overstimulated and over educated generation, we are exhausted. We’re working twice as hard as generations before us to level a playing field that wasn’t set up for us to win. Honestly, I’m not even sure if adulting is even the same game as it the generations before us. It took me thirty years to afford anything other than my parents’ attic.

Being a Millennial adult is the most exhausting thing I’ve never signed up for but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Millennials Are Exhausted

We were told to go to college and promised the moon and the stars only for the economy to implode and we were left with nothing but thousands of dollars of student loan debt, insane mortgage rates, climate change, and stagnant salaries not adjusted for inflation. Wanting a livable wage and adaquate housing isn’t millennials being entitled. It’s us asking for a life raft because we’re drowning.

At the rate of the mostly ignored climate change there will be more water than we know what to do with and who knows, the world may just end as we know it and no one will have to pay our student loans back. If generations before us ignore facts and science we’ll all have no choice but to grow fins and live under the sea.

The Millennials Are Exhausted

Me and my friends laugh to keep from crying but we were measuring our student loan debt in cars. “You know how many brand new Ford Fiestas I could buy with my student loan debt?” The answer is any more than one is one is way too many.

Sure, we have the internet but we’re working harder than we ever have to win a game that’s rigged and sometimes it feels that the people who rigged it are the ones complaining the most. We aren’t murdering industries it’s just our lack of funds is creating a domino effect across industries. For instance, we’re not killing the Napkin industry, we’re just opting for papertowels. Change is good. It’s coming and it’s being led by the entitled generation.



An exhausted optimistic millennial

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