United States Wealthcare is a Turf War

Was United States healthcare ever truly invested in health? No one exactly knows when it became wealthcare or maybe it was always set up this way as capitalism is the American Way. I wasn’t surprised when a recent report named US Healthcare as the worst in the developed world. As someone who has health insurance and worked in health insurance, I’m mostly certain that services and plans aren’t the product nowadays but the people are.


I shouldn’t care about a network if it’s an emergency.

Last summer I had to take my mom to the hospital for heat exhaustion. She handed me her health insurance card and I panicked a little unsure who was in-network for her. “Do I take you to UPMC or AHN?” I knew she couldn’t afford any out-of-network services so I had to be absolutely sure.

It was that moment that I realized that these plastic cards in our pockets were not the product. It’s like reppin’ a gang. “What neighborhood must I avoid?” Go out of network and you won’t get physically beat up but financially you’ll feel like you did.


I remember one summer fresh out of college I had severe sinusitis and no health insurance. I had a decent debt sentence from UPMC. After writing them and providing proof of unemployment and lack of income, they erased my debt. I was one of the lucky ones.

Recently, I broke my elbow and went to urgent care with a makeshift sling made out of leggings and because my card wouldn’t swipe, they wouldn’t even see me. “$75,” the very nice lady constantly repeated.

Did I have to go home and drive back just to receive mediocre medical care? Yes! They didn’t even believe it was broken. “It’s just swollen,” the doctor insisted. I objected and eventually got an x-ray.

I don’t have a medical degree or business degree but neither of those two should be mixed up. My insurance covered most of the costs associated with my injury.

“The more you pay. The better your care.”

This is the most disturbing part of The United States Healthcare system. The fact that doctors are out there recommending patients to GoFundMe for like changing medical treatment infuriates me.


As a healthcare IT business analyst, I stand by my belief that wealthcare won’t become healthcare until we turn these transactional interactions into transformational ones. The United States has to realize that no matter how deep your pockets are that people deserve quality healthcare and the best way to do it is a single-payer system.

Capitalism is all fun and games until you lose your job and can’t afford your care or an emergency arises and your closest care is out of network.

Instead of looking to the simple solution, healthcare industries are competing for the best services even if that means duplication of services. That is a waste of money. It’s funny because anti-single payer healthcare trolls first complaint is a single-payer system will cost too much. Well, the cost right now is the quality of life as debt takes years off your life.

I wish health insurance companies weren’t trying to be better than the others but be better together.

“It’s telling of our system when we Google ailments first and use going to the doctors as a last resort.” 

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