Why I Left My Publisher

In 2014, a small vanity publisher told me that my book was awesome and that there was a space for me at her publishing company. I was ecstatic as I’ve been writing novels since high school. I always wanted to be a writer. The light bulb hadn’t gone off yet that I was indeed already a writer with five novels under my belt. I read the contract, signed it, and then sent it back.

I learned a lot that year about the ins and outs of publishing. It turns out that just about anybody can be a publisher and after discovering that my publisher was keeping 50% of my revenue with no editing or marketing services I kind of felt like it was highway robbery. She was providing generic but neatly designed covers but that was it. I was literally losing 50% of my little revenue for a publishing name to be on my book.

Why I Left My Publisher

Me being me, learned everything I could about publishing that year. I took a second look at the contract and found multiple loopholes and errors where she wasn’t keeping up her end of the deal and I didn’t want to pay the termination fee (I don’t remember how she worded it but it was indeed paying to get out of the contract.)

My books are like my babies and I like to share them under my terms. In 2015, I regrouped without a publisher and determined I could be my own publisher. Boy was I on to something! 11 books later, I help people own their words by taking them through the self-publishing journey as the hardest part of publishing a book today is finishing the book and marketing it to people.

Do I regret leaving my ex-publisher? No! Do I regret signing with my ex-publisher? Absolutely not! That hiccup motivated me to branch out on my own and learn everything I could and when I’m determined to do something rather it be a great idea or not a great idea, I do it! I mean, the worst that can happen is that you fail! I’ve failed so many times that I’m not afraid of it anymore. 

2020 is about helping more people get their words out there and own their craft. I love seeing people’s faces when they hold a book that I walked them through the process of. I know what my publisher didn’t do for me and I wanted to be everything she wasn’t but as a consultant. I offer editing, coaching, formatting, and graphic design services.

It’s true that words can break you but putting them on paper is healing. The best thing I learned through this experience is that no one will care about my dreams more than me so sometimes it’s necessary to wake up and take control of the direction that I want to go.

What are you 2020 goals? Do you have any writing goals? Don’t forget to check out my bookshelf showcasing the books I’ve published for clients and myself.

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  1. Go you! Make 2020 BIG! Getting words on paper is so healing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. It sure is. It’s always been my outlet. ♥


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