What is CW’s The 100 Doing Anymore?

I love The CW’s The 100 so much that I could teach a whole semester of ethics and moral leadership on it. The first two seasons will always be my favorite. The show is a post apocalyptic dystopia that follows 100 juvenile prisoners who are sent to Earth to see if it’s livable after a war that caused a nuclear apocalypse. If that’s not enough pressure, everyone else stuck in space doesn’t have much oxygen left and must find a way to survive. It’s out there but it’s believable out there. In one season they discover other people who live on Earth and want to kidnap them for their bone marrow so they can survive outside. It’s far fetched but it’s good science fiction.

What is CW's The 100 Doing Anymore?

Or at least it was… I love science fiction more than the next person. I finished the book series in record time (I reccomend it. It’s nothing like the show). But season six was far fetched and season seven is like, “well, they’ve run out ideas. Are we done yet? Are they the same writers?” We’re only two episodes into season 7 but I’m no longer attached to any of the characters. I find myself asking, “what is going on” more, and a time warping black hole is just where I draw the line at believable science fiction. Of course there are other things in the universe but I felt like this year The 100 writers just threw things at the wall to see what would stick and this is what we got.

This is the final season. We get a prequel after it. It no longer bothers me of Bellamy and Clarke get together, if Murphy avoids death again, or if Octavia does… well anything. It doesn’t matter if this new planet they Columbus-ed collapses but war isn’t what they do at this point, it’s who they are.

What is CW's The 100 Doing Anymore?

This show went from back to back jam packed ethical dillemas and Christopher Columbus-ing any planet they landed on to an underwhelming black hole that enters another dimension. It’s just not on brand. It feels forced and I’m kind of sad but happy to see this show end. I mostly find myself tuning in every week soley because I’ve invested years into it and I must see it through. It could be worse, it could be like the last season of True Blood that went on one season too long. I’m hoping the third episode is better. Either way I paid for a ticket on this train so I’m going to ride it until it stops at the destination. What do you think of the new season of The 100 so far?

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