Top 3 Summer Travel Destinations for 2020

The roaring 20s are back and the pandemic came free of charge. A pandemic makes travel kind of iffy even for the most seasoned travelers. It seems that there will be no checked luggage kiosk fumbling, passport stamping, TSA showdowns, or luggage carousel lunges this year. Instead the safest and most relaxing places fit anyone’s budget. I’ve checked out several of these spots since the pandemic hit and at first I was on the fence but now I reccomend every single one of them.


The Backyard

Buy the largest kids pool or slide for yourself and let your anxiety melt.


Hopefully you have a backyard and if you do let that be your first DIY project for quarantine. Find some gravel, mulch, a fountain, firepit, pool, or all of the above. Add some splash to your backyard as in Pittsburgh a decent amount of the pools are closed so cooling off is going to be tricky. Walking around naked is frowned upon so pool it is. The best thing about the backyard is it’s always open and the bartender serves generous pours.


The Couch

This one is an oldie but goodie. Crank the A/C, switch the ceiling fan to cool so it’s rotating the right direction, and enjoy some of your favorite shows. Travel to places like Narnia, Pawnee, and the Galaxy far far away without worrying about a TSA agent stopping you because your dreadlocs seem to set off the machine when you put them in a ponytail. Your couch your rules. Pants are optional. The couch never has capacity issues so there’s always room.


The Kitchen

No one saw this one coming. For years it’s been rumored that “There’s food at home.” Who knew it was actually there the whole time? Enjoy tedious meals that take 45 minutes to make and an hour and a half to clean up. Flex your Pinterest game and find a new recipe to wow your Quarantine Crew. Personally I’ve mastered brussel sprouts, roasted salmon, and red velvet cake since this all started. 10/10 I would definitely eat there again.

Bonus: The Past

If you have the frequent flyer miles and you know a guy, try going all the way back to 2019 when we were worried about less things. The last problem of 2020 I remember is why wouldn’t my Spider-Gwen costume fit perfectly. Who knew that not even Venom would want to show up in 2020?

As you can see the safest bet this summer is nowhere so why not stay home, save money, stay safe, and maybe go on an epic adventure come 2021? I would love to venture to Japan next year but until then I’ll enjoy eating Japanese food, sipping wine, and sitting in the sun of my Quarentine Crew’s newly finished backyard.  Where’s your next travel destination?



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