Zoom Has Blurred Life/Work Balance

On average since the pandemic I’ve had about a Zoom call a day and that doesn’t even take in account that I still have a full-time job. At first Zoom was the perfect way to make us closer to each other but six months in I find myself not wanting to go to any of these meetings. I can’t be the only one who is all Zoomed out and let’s not even start on Teams. Teams is Microsoft’s knockoff Google Suite and I’m not afraid to admit that.

Pre-pandemic I worked from home about twice a week. I would always take my work laptop home with me just in case something happened in the office. Before, I had the option to leave work at work and home at home. Now I roll out of bed five minutes before I log-on and work in my living room, or at my dinning room table, or in bed. Zoom has become exhausting and I never thought I would enjoy disconnecting or pleading for someone to just send me a novel length email instead of asking to meet via video chat. There’s even a word for it, Zoom Fatigue.

According to an article written by Molly Callahan at the Northeastern, “The term refers to the overconsumption of a reinforcer that leads to that reinforcer losing its value. If you normally logged on to Zoom to relax and chat with long-distance friends, but now use the platform throughout the day to join stressful meetings at work, the platform loses its value as a reinforcer. Rather than seeking out opportunities to Zoom with friends and family, you may find yourself avoiding those opportunities at the end of the day.”

When we first met Zoom back in March, it was a shiny new app that was cool to toy with but now the shine has worn off and I feel like I have more meetings via Zoom than I did before the pandemic because I would have to account in traffic and gas and now I can have meetings back to back or be in two at the same time (which I have). If this is the future of meeting I sincerely decline.

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