This Year Halloween Needs to Be Treated with Care

Halloween is coming. There’s no stopping it and kids all over the country are expecting at the very least a costume and some candy. Many cities and boroughs are choosing to opt-out of Halloween as when it all comes down to it, The United States Covid-19 response has been nothing short of a nightmare. Tracing is in place but some are opting to not cooperate with tracers. Testing is available but again, some are opting to not be tested. All of this choice when it comes to protecting public health has made quite the mess and celebrating Halloween with strangers should be a big no.

Here are some alternative ideas that don’t include knocking on stranger’s doors or digging in a bowl of candy that’s been out all night.

6 Feet Social Distancing

Drive-thru candy distribution or even drop-offs are a better idea than allowing kids to go door to door asking for candy that’s already been touched.

Carve a Pumpkin

Carve a pumpkin with your kid in a costume and give them candy that you purchased from the store. I’ve concluded that kids love candy and they don’t care where it came from. Even adults love candy and we don’t care where it comes from. Get all your friends to buy a pumpkin and have a virtual carving contest and let your Facebook friends vote on it.

Make crafts

After you make a pumpkin, find something else to craft like a DIY costume or this cool jar on Pinterest.

Buy your kid candy

Let your kid dress up and just buy them candy I’m certain they won’t care that you cut out the middle person. It’s more candy for them. If you’re smooth enough you might just be able to negotiate moving Halloween to the 1st and there’s more candy in it for all parties.

Have a movie night

Watch all your favorite Halloween movies in costume. You can even splurge for an inflatable screen if you have a yard or a big enough basement. Every day can be movie night even after Halloween.

Make your own haunted house

Have fun with your kid by creating your own haunted house inside or out. It’ll be lots of giggles and frights if that’s your thing.

Host a virtual Halloween Party and

Have an online costume contest

Dress up with friends young and old and enjoy playing virtual games. It’ll also be easier to host a virtual costume contest because all of the contestants will be online.

Write a Halloween story together

Come up with a silly Halloween story or a frightful one and write it down. You’ll be able to look back at it next year remembering the year that 2020 got the best of everyone’s Halloween plans.

Create a Halloween Cake together

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

Gingerbread homes are so 2019. Make a haunted gingerbread house or even a Halloween Cake.  Have a virtual contest to see who has the best dessert. Check out Good Housekeeping for some inspo.

Have a Halloween Themed Photoshoot

Don your favorite costume and have an all-out Halloween photoshoot indoors or out.

Scavenger hunt

Turn the yard into a Haunted Halloween Haunt by hiding goodies indoors and out.

The last thing we would want to do is fuel a community spread. Halloween should not be the gift that keeps giving. We don’t need this one night or weekend to be the thing that overwhelms our hospital system. If you must gather, wear a mask, gather outside, and wash your hands as much as possible. This Halloween will be tricky and it may be challenging but if we do what we need to do now, we’ll get to do what we want to do next year.

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