Freedumb is Ringing: How Not to Respond to a Pandemic

The United States government has been attempting to respond to the pandemic since March and it doesn’t seem like we’re doing much of a job at getting a handle on the pandemic. Federally, it’s the wild wild west with little to no leadership. It’s almost like this administration doesn’t believe in pandemics, science, or even common sense. When will we all agree that the Trump Administration is doing a terrible job at this?

In just a matter of months our lack of response has shined a magnifying glass on America’s faults and how setting an entire society up based on capitalism might not have been a good idea. Some countries have a decent grasp with little to no cases because they followed science and not the money. It’s almost like we’re a third world country overnight. My degree is in writing and communications but common sense could’ve led the country better than where we are at. America is currently writing the book on how not to react to a pandemic.

Wait a few months before acknowledging that it exists because a pandemic would look bad for your reputation and the economy.

Diseases spread like wildfire and wildfire spreads quickly. We currently see that in California. The federal administration decided to downplay the pandemic early on because they didn’t want to scare the American public. If we would’ve taken action sooner, the country would not be a Covid 19 hotspot and we wouldn’t be banned from other countries. Fauci had a grasp on the grave danger that we were in but was quickly silenced and sidelined by the federal government.

Don’t test. Test no one. Okay, only test the people who have symptoms even though asymptomatic carriers exist. Insist that states cool it with the testing as if we do fewer tests we have lower numbers. 🤦🏿‍♂️

Common sense isn’t so common. Testing everyone right away seemed like the best answer. It was understandable that early on there weren’t many tests available so testing people who had symptoms kind of made sense. Now it makes zero sense. The Allegheny Health Department is still only giving free tests to people with symptoms. I found Project Baseline will test you with no symptoms. If you live in PA and want a free test, check them out. I’m not even going to touch on the fewer tests equals lower numbers comment as that is stupidity.

Leave it up to all the states to decide to close or not because why not? Not making decisions will give you more time to enjoy activities.

Right now The United States looks divided. Each state has it’s own Covid rules, regulations, and testing criteria. The federal government dropped the ball and now it’s like The Hunger Games: Covid Edition.

Require masks, don’t require them, and then kind of require them.

Common sense is teaching us that clean masks are important no matter the quality. Wear a mask if you can. That should’ve been the blanket statement all across the board. Some states are even starting to fine people for not wearing them. Science shows they save lives. Early on the USPS created a plan to send every American household 5 masks and the government told them not to do it, afraid that it would scare the American public. I’d rather be uncomfortable than unsafe. Also, if you don’t cover your nose, it doesn’t count. I went to the movies recently, and they police your masks. At AMC your mask can’t have the valve, it has to cover your nose, it can’t be a bandana, and you can’t use your tee shit. Freedom doesn’t always equal smarter I see.

Build a fence around the White House fence and then clear the area out for a photo opportunity to show how awesome you’re handling being first in cases.

This needs no explanation. It’s just an all-around bad idea. What is with this administration’s obsession with fences?

Host a rally to keep your fanbase energized even if it’s a bad idea to cram people in such a space. Hope to fill a stadium and only get 6,000 people to show up.

Big gatherings are a big no-no. Big gatherings without masks are a disaster.

Give some of the people $1200 in March and never revisit the idea again.

Remember that $1200 allowance the government gave its citizens? That $1200 is gone. It’s been 209 days since the last stimulus bill was passed. That comes out to roughly $5 a day if we were interested in stretching it. Some countries mandated a lockdown and sent their residents (not just citizens) food and masks.

Fuel the racial divide going on while you’re at it encouraging the public to protest the state of the current union of the United States.

I guess deflecting from the pandemic and creating a rough racial climate was supposed to make us forget that a pandemic was even happening. With 18 million people out of work and over 200,000 dead, we did not forget about the pandemic. We will not forget about voting either. This administration is pitiful to keep saying that this is “our 9/11” and they’re doing a great job. If this is the federal government’s idea of a great job, I would hate to see their idea of bad.

“Silence is not golden and ignorance is not bliss.” – @Justdae

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