May Your Coffee Be Strong and Your Patience Be Stronger

With chaos comes clarity or the chaos wasn’t worth it. When the pandemic first started, the days felt like weeks and weeks felt like months. Here we are more than a year in and days seem like seconds, my to-do list grows as the annoying weeds in my backyard that Mother Nature keeps watering.

Personally, professionally, and even politically, life seems to be on a whirlwind of wins and losses. The pandemic at first threw my motivation and creativity for a loop and now I just pivot.

Personally, I speak out and up more. I accept what I can’t change and change what I can’t accept. I foster my growth even if it means no longer growing next to someone who didn’t share the same goals. I’ve taken my own advice and embraced the power of “pit stops.” There’s so much more to learn and grow from when I got out of my own bubble and chilled out a little to enjoy the flowers. I ask for what I want and I go after it. If I don’t know the answer to something, I go find it because I know sometimes I’m my biggest obstacle. I’ve embraced my flaws so people can’t use them against me and it’s made me stronger.

Professionally, I finally started my own publishing and content writing business. Mae Publications LLC was born last month and I’m excited to officially keep taking on clients. That doesn’t mean I quit my day job though because my mother didn’t raise an idiot. At my day job I’m an analyst, employee engagement specialist, and at times even a project coordinator. Talk about hats! Who knew little ol me would be getting paid to speak at virtual events?

Politically, I’m winding down the last half of my mayoral race by helping other people run for the first time and I might just continue that. I’ve endorsed amazing people, and I’m putting my all into it to help them win. I still can’t believe at 29, I was appointed mayor and the moment council transitioned me into the role there was so much that needed to be done behind the scenes. Everyone keeps asking what’s next after mayor? The truth is that I don’t know. I was volunteering and never saw mayor coming. If I do run for something it won’t be on a municipal level. I enjoy being the youngest in the room because people always assume that you know less and don’t take community engagement and policy seriously. I may not be loud but I’m always sitting back absorbing information. Rather I’m the mayor or not I’ll always stand up for those who deserve it.

Lastly, the pandemic taught me that even my biggest losses are learning opportunities, so did I really lose anything?

When you lose friends you question if that was a seasonal friendship and if so it taught you what you needed to know. When you lose a job you take those transferable skills elsewhere.So remember every morning that you’re a boss and there’s always something to be grateful for even if you don’t see it quite yet.

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