In the Neighborhood

One day soon my neighborhood won’t look the same and its current residents, local, state, and the federal government will be the only ones left to blame.

So rather it’s a good or a bad change everyone will have a hand in accountability
We say the town is resilient we’re strong but people don’t want obstacles to create resilience or free things they want jobs

Our main street seems to be blooming year by year brick by brick

It’s easy to stroll by and think we’re getting it together but let us not forget that most of the people don’t live on Main Street
and they rely on free food and things because they can’t afford what they need let’s not even start on what they want

They want more than just being motivated by resilience to get by
Because they see other people in other places thriving
We’re not all waiting in line for handouts
Not looking to be the next big movies background scenery for clout

My town wants jobs, a market for fresh food, riddance of blight, to feel heard, and hopefully some inclusionary development in sight because without it we’ve seen what happens to towns where people come in with well intentions
ready to build unknowingly created the next East Liberty or Lawrenceville

We don’t need more unintentional gentrification as these neighborhoods seem to take a copy-paste approach. We need more people to stand up, ask questions, and demand transparency and accountability.

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