Happy Mon(Daé) 016

October is finally here and that means Halloween is coming! Although I prefer warm weather, Halloween makes fall worth it.  Last year I was on a cruise in the middle of the ocean, this year won’t be as big but I’ll definitely be in costume enjoying Pittsburgh with great friends. 🙂 I’m Rockin’ Previously I…

Happy Mon(Daé) 015

A new week means a new chapter and new opportunities for successes and failures. I may be a little exhausted but that never stops me as I run on optimism and caffeine. Fierce the Runway was fabulous last night and I can’t wait to get founder Jaymce Patterson’s entire story. Until then cheers to the…

& Superhero Vs Villain 

One day I’ll come back and finish this poem but so far I’ve fallen in love with these words. 😊 😊 

Happy Mon(Daè) : Hello November

Hello November! I ended October with a bang. I loved hanging out with my friends and going to a Halloween party. I dressed up as Harley Quinn and totally nailed it! I’m already excited to wear it for next year’s costume being that Suicide Squad drops in August. Woot! It’s been quite a positive week….

Happy Mon(Daè)

Monday’s are hard. They are so hard that after spending ten minutes procrastinating in bed about something to wear, I finally got to my bus stop two minutes before the bus came. On the way into work I tripped on an empty plastic bag while I was trying to order my Monday Salted Caramel Mocha….