Happy Mon(Daé) 015

A new week means a new chapter and new opportunities for successes and failures. I may be a little exhausted but that never stops me as I run on optimism and caffeine. Fierce the Runway was fabulous last night and I can’t wait to get founder Jaymce Patterson’s entire story. Until then cheers to the last day of the month.

I’m Rockin’

Influenster sent me this Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink lipstick in Lover but it was way too bright. I went out and bought Escapist and it’s amazing. I do forsee a new lipstick post coming up soon.

I went to Fierce the Runway last night and got so many compliments on these GoJane striped pants. They were super comfy and super chic.

Halloween is in a few months and after last year’s sequin shenanigans,   (sequins do not feel good on your inner thighs) I went  and got some new shorts for my Harley costume.

I believe Halloween can inspiring for a day to day look. My job gave me an Amazon gift card and I purchased this awesome Wednesday Addams inspired dress

I live for chic comfortable. I paired these pants I got from Ross with this jacket my mom got from Macy’s and I absolutely love it.

412 Fresh

Superhero Bar Crawl

A) it’s a party B) You get to dress up as a superhero C) It’s for charity.

Pretty Girls Like Wine and Trap at Boom Conepts

Trap music and wine pretty much is the selling point here.

Harambe Black Arts Fest is celebrating decades of black art and culture and is a can’t miss event.

Bring it Live

Miss Diana and the Dancing Dolls are rolling into town and putting on one heck of a show.


It’s crazy that it’s Regatta time already. Expect downtown to be a bit congested.

Now Playing

Kesha Rose is back with a vengeance. This song is so catchy I’m “praying” we get more of this Kesha.

Demi Lovato | Sorry Not Sorry I can’t wait for Demi’s new project. She’s definitely better than she’s ever been.

Dejah Monea Love Song |Dej performed this last night and her voice is soulful and sultry.

Abigail Jerri debuted her new single last night and it’s been in my head ever since. Not only does she have a great voice but this gal can flip.

Last night Zendè performed “Brown Skin” and moved the crowd. This Pittsburgh rapper definitely has his own sound.

Happy Links

Once Upon a Time was an amazing show. Season one was my favorite and somehow like that very last season of True Blood, it became a bit of a train wreck. I think I’m gonna tune back in because starting over from scratch was an excellent idea.

If there’s one thing I’m guilty of it’s “sure” instead of “no.”

Last but not least enjoy the very first episode of Raven’s Home and feel all the nostalgia. ☺️

Until next time



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