–& My Hair

Lyrical Status. “I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am not your expectations no, I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lies within.”  — India Arie “I am not my Hair”

Feeling. Content



 Me and my kinky thin in fullness but thick in roots, black hair have always had this love hate relationship with each other. I love and accept the fact that my hair doesn’t quite respond to water and if I don’t put that creamy white chemical in my hair every six weeks let’s just say bad things will happen. Most of the time when people see me I’ve always worn weaves. That’s because I’m absolutely clueless to what to do with my real hair until now. I’m experimenting. I spend a lot of money on weave and when I say that let’s clarify the fact that I don’t pay to get my hair done. I pay to actually buy the hair. My cousin does my hair for free.

 Today I made this decision that I wanted to see how it would be to just go natural. I don’t wear make up, I don’t do fake nails but I’ve always been in a way addicted to fake hair. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I don’t know why I feel weird when I wear my hair out. I guess my feelings towards the hair have always been a negative. I’ve always complained that I wish my hair was longer and now that it is my new complaint is I wish it was thicker. I’m not finicky about anything else and I love myself and I’m up for trying something new. So real hair it is.  I’m changing a lot of things this summer and this is just one of the many changes I’ve experienced.

Do you have strong feelings about one of your physical features? What’s your biggest problem with your hair?

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