One Family Reunion Down One to Go

   So this is my last summer vacation as a college student is coming to an end in two weeks. From the last time I blogged a lot has happened. Well not a lot a lot but enough. For instance, I am still convinced my life is a reality show. My parents finally got divorced. Well they finally filed the papers and after one big argument my mother paid for it all. That’s how bad she wanted her last name back and I’m thinking of marriage is anything like my parents I don’t want it.

I have an interview lined up for an internship this fall. Hopefully they hire me I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. I went to my family reunion which was awesome. I have more to attend of course which is this week which will probably not be the party atmosphere as the last one. We brought this huge inflatable slide and it was great. I enjoy being a kid still. I can’t believe summer is almost over and I will be a senior in college. It seems like time flew by fast. I will definitely be scrap booking this year. I want to make every second of my senior year count.

I|Candy (A few pictures I took at my family reunion)

Lovely picture of fruit I took.

An action shot one of my favorites of the action in the water slide.

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  1. thanks for the comment hun :)glad you love the site, i really do appreciate it!God bless ❤


  2. vanityqts says:

    great pictures 🙂 seems like you had fun <3thank you for the comment sunshine!


  3. seasparkle says:

    thaanks! – kaate


  4. fanks for subscribing!


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