& We’re Drowning Each Other

Your love makes me feel like I’m at
the bottom of the pool and I cannot move
a limb to come up for a breathe of air

Over and over you’ve grabbed my heart
and disregarded it like a piece of junkmail
that’s been lingering in your inbox forever.

Forever, that’s how long we were supposed to last
but forever was shattered two years ago when
you left me picking up the pieces of my heart
on the floor…alone

alone, you left me holding on to something
that doesn’t really exist
our love has always been a figment of my imagination
Did we ever exist?

Let’s let go, let’s not do this to ourselves
Please stop, please stop pulling me to the bottom of
this pool.

Please stop drowning me. I don’t like the taste of
the blue uneasy water. I can see the light
but I can not reach the surface.

Together we go nowhere but down
alone we can go up

Written By: Chardae J.

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