& Generation Y

Generation Y is a misnomer.
Y implies we follow in our parent’s footsteps,
Y implies we agree with the horrors they have created and left us to not understand.
Y implies we are the same.

We Are Millennials.

We are a generation of Change.
We are both Generation We and Me.
Good and Bad.
Hopeful and Resentful.
Loved and Abused.

We don’t echo. We scream!
We are not Net, we are Social.
We rode the Magic School Bus then graduated from Hogwarts.
Sesame Street was left behind for the hand me down Nintendo 64.
We replaced board games with MMORPG and LARP.
We watched dial-up wires become wireless frequencies.
We Skype with people in 10 different countries at once.
We cried over Steve Job’s death and then asked Siri what she was wearing.

We are fluent in leet, texting, sexing, im, lolcat, twittering, youtubeing, facebooking, Googleling,
uploading, downloading, phping, torrenting, html, java, css, c++…etc.

We wrote the urban dictionary on flash mobs and memes.

We are the short attention spanned because we grew up in front of the square box babysitter.
We then became the multitaskers of duel media.
We know the effects of no recess at school.
We’ve watched fast food become meals.
We know what federally funded chicken nuggets taste like.
ADHD and ADD are synonymous with “special”, “problem child.”
We snorted Ritalin at school and huffed the glue.
We can tell you the raspberry Crayola marker doesn’t taste like raspberry.
We’ve learned under the regulations of teacher unions and suffered for their “assistance.”
We’re on the shelves as the trophy generation forced to make the grade and get the goal.
Scholarships are not an option for adulthood, they are a requirement.
Forced into unwanted college debt by unwise parents or forced out to be disowned.
They call us the Peter Pan generation because of the delay in maturity.
This is misinformed and inaccurate.
We are raising our deadbeat immature parents and our hungry siblings.
We wait to get married because we watched our parents, and we’d rather just casual f***.
It doesn’t get in the way of our careers.

We will have more jobs in 10 years then our parent’s did in their lifetime.
We will either die before or retire at 70.
We know Obesity is an epidemic.
We know hunger is one too.

We watched as terrorists attacked two buildings we knew nothing about.
Then watch our country fail to finish a war our parents started in the late 70’s.
We watched as country elected the first half-white “black” president.
Then argue over his citizenship.
We watched a movie star become a governor.
We’ve seen the rise of a new political party, both tea and occupational.
We answered the question of “Where is your God now?” with a King.

We saw the music leave MTV and the “reality” enter.
We said we don’t want to be an American Idiot but went crazy for Cash.
Hipster replaced our Indie, never admitting.
We brought Cyber Goth, Cyber Punk, Steampunk and Lolita into the mainstream.
The geek is popular one.
We wear Nike for an hour and Tom for 23.
We are not only digital, we are historical.
We used the last of the typewriters and rotary phones.
We can still tell you the best way to rewind a cassette.
We can burn a tape deck mix, and a dvd.
We are bringing film back from the celluloid grave.
We didn’t start the flame war, but we can move a company to change with one bad viral.
We’ve grown up in more divorce, remarriage and then called children services ourselves.
We fly more then our parents and grandparents did as children.
We are well-rounded; spiritually, mentally, and culturally.
We aren’t brand loyal, we’re culturally local loyal.
We are social media vocal and diversely connected.
We don’t buy into the racial divide of our parents.
We don’t argue, we discuss loudly.

We are not owed anything. We earn it. We don’t ask who is to blame, we look in the mirror.
We create solutions.
We have open eyes and learn from our poor choices.
We can take give advice and take criticism.
We are not one minded, but collaborative.
We are looking out for the next generation, unlike those before us.
We are the Hero generation of today, only we are saving us, not you.
And frankly don’t give a flying f*** about your politically correct vocabulary

I didn’t write this & the person who I got it from on Tumblr has no idea who wrote it. I identify with most of this poem.

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  1. I kind of like this.


  2. tres_chic_xO says:

    thanks for the comment love<33thanks; my layout was custom made!


  3. thanks for the comment !


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