& Photos from my random trip to Niagara Falls, NY

Well since I was laid off and my friend Felicia had an all expense paid for interview in Rochester, NY, I decided to take a road trip with her. We had a great time and since we were on the road and so close, we decided to check out Niagara Falls, the American Side. I snapped some great photos, ate some great food and it was just what I needed to end such a crazy week. It’s amazing these photos were taken with my phone. We went wine tasting, to a few bars and we heard about the history of the place.


I had a blast. I like just getting up and hitting the road. I have to most definitely do it again. Next time I will have my passport and I’m so going to the Canada Side.

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  1. So beautiful, looks like a ton of fun!


  2. Very nice pictures! You are very pretty by the way! 🙂


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