& the planets must’ve aligned differently or something

Soo my holiday was awesome. I got some pretty cool stuff but at 23 I was more concerned with making sure everyone else was content & that’s just in my nature.

Now that I’m jobless I’ve had a lot of time to sit & reflect on what the heck I want to do with my life. Everything seems so content right now with the exception of financial stability.

I went from no one wanting to date me to getting more dates than there are days in the week. I think it’s a bit weird too because it’s random people from my past hitting me up. I went on a date yesterday and it was okay in my opinion. This guy won’t get a second date. We didn’t click and he was way too clingy for my liking. He was smooth and didn’t seem genuine. After two dates you should not want to plan our future. That scares me away. My friends tell me I’m cold hearted when it comes to relationships but I don’t believe I am. I’m just not willing to settle. He seemed to be trying a bit too hard and that is a big turn off.

My ex spent the holidays alone and we talked on twitter via DMs and it was an interesting conversation. It was the first conversation since our email argument about a year ago. It’s crazy how a merry Christmas tweet will turn into a full blown conversation about how we screwed up yet again. We both admitted fault and agreed to be friends. Seven years into that relationship and we still could never get it right. We had this crazy mental connection and we never once ever got physical. If I could find someone who could stimulate me mentally that would be beyond awesome. He did a lot of ridiculously terrible things in the relationship but when it was good I was on cloud nine. We both took fault for not trying harder and walking away and me being stubborn.

My best friends are amazing. We’re going out tomorrow surprising my former roommate who just joined the Airforce at her house while she’s home for the holiday. Being with my girls always makes me genuinely happy. I’m always up for listening about their accomplishments and reflecting on their craziness.

Well I guess I’m going to head to bed. I’m gonna make a reflection blog entry reflecting on 2012 before the year ends. With the conversation me and my ex had that seemed to tying all loose ends. 2013 has to be great being on good terms with him just healed my hurt if that makes any sense.

Goodnight world.

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