& 31


Dear Self,

When you open this in the year 2020 you’ll probably smile amused by 2015 problems. You have a thing for stressing out about small things and hopefully you’ll grow out of that by 30. It’s weird because you also see the bright things in most situations. I may come off as chill but on the inside a lot of big decisions make me panic. Adulthood is one big panic after the next.

Hopefully you’ll have visited many places around the world and hopefully you will have gotten it together and have a functional relationship. It only took almost a decade for you to make it happen.

Hopefully you’ve published at least two (no three) more novels and inspired others to let their imaginations run wild. Hopefully you’re still holding on to your bright optimistic spirit and not allowing the pessimists in the world to cloud your sunny days. You’ve always been awesome at refusing to give up. Stay that way.

I imagine five years from now you might have a little human that’s just as quirky as you. I know I say I don’t want children but a lot can change in five years. Eventually I’ll get tired of buying dresses and shoes and want to share my awesomeness with someone else.

By then, I imagine I will have figured out a healthy balance of how to help everyone without sacrificing my happiness. Being selfless is exhausting but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Hopefully by 2020 you’ll hang up your incessant need to be a professional nomad and you’ll settle down in a quaint house.

I know you’ll be okay because your 20s are over and you made it to 31. If you can get past your 20s you can get past anything. (Because your 20s are insane).

Please still be a dreamer with a knack for seeing the bright side of things. Please let dating be better in 2020. Please also let the smartphones become more durable over the years so we won’t need cases. Hopefully I’ll have perfected the selfie by 2020.




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