& Summer’s Almost Over

Boot season & layering is almost upon us and I’m sort of okay with that. My summer has been pretty darn awesome. I won tickets to Cedar Point and got to take three people with me for an overnight trip to the park and the water park. Then, my mom and my aunt took me to a preseason Steelers game the other day and it was pretty awesome. I don’t watch sports but we had box seats, how could I pass that up?  I’ve also been faithfully making a social event out of the food truck round ups that faithfully come to my area every month.

Fall has a lot to look forward to. I’m re-releasing my first book and releasing a new book in October. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of copy writing and blogging gigs. Currently I’m writing for a Toronto blog about their music and nightlife. They pay me well and it’s freakin’ incredible an well deserved.

& iCandy

Me & my mama at the Steelers Game.
Me, my mama and my aunt 🙂
Me, my cuzzos and my best friend since birth — we have no idea who the man behind us is. His friend took our photo and the deal was as long as his friend could be in the photo.
Kennywood with my day one 🙂
She’s been trying to get to Cedar Point for years and finally this summer we went for her birthday.
We had a ball even though we were rained out 🙂
Kennywood Photo
Awesome Kennywood Photo I Took

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