& No Apologies

No Apologies

It only took me 26 years but I’m madly in love with myself.
I love the rich cocoa complexion I was so blessed with
The bright smile that somehow survived candy as a food group
and every other curve on my body makes me smile in the mirror.

I’ve grown to realize that anyone’s problems with any of my outer characteristics,
aren’t my problems it’s theirs.

I’ve got flaws and I know they’re there but if God made me perfect it wouldn’t be fair.

Call me narcissistic or any other name, because I’ve heard it all.
People hated me when I hated myself.

So it keeps them talking either way.

I will not apologize for embracing my thick thighs.

They’ve ripped jeans and hearts too.
I’m not sorry that I won’t allow you to take your insecurities out on me.
I’ve been down that road and it didn’t end well for anyone involved.

So yeah I walk with a pep in my step and my head held high
because at one point, I wanted to trade places with anyone who wanted to be me.
But now a days, there’s no one else I’d rather be.



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  1. Ally says:

    “I’m not sorry that I won’t allow you to take your insecurities out on me.” – perfect said. 🙂 Their attitude – not your problem. Keep that smile and don’t ever feel narcistic or things for loving yourself. Because loving and accepting yourself is not easy, but the real ticket to happiness. And if you’re happy, you can make others happy too. 🙂


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