& I Leaped from the iCult & Wandered into the Galaxy

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I was faithful to my iPhone for about five years.  You couldn’t tell me that the iPhone wasn’t the best phone on the market. My best friend would tell me otherwise and I never took her serious until the iPhone 6 dropped and I started to question why I was buying the same phone over and over. As a tech nerd, I started to question was I just saying the iPhone was the best because I hadn’t been to the other side? Had I sipped the Kool-Aid and got sucked into the iCult without any other knowledge of what else was out there?

In February it dawned on me that with T-Mobile I wasn’t committed to a phone let alone a contract, so I did the unthinkable. I handed in my iPhone 5 and I Jumped! over to the other side after an infatuation with the Samsung S6 Edge display. I couldn’t put it down and before I could talk myself out of it, I asked for it in gold and after informing me it was on back order, I settled for a shiny white phone.
It’s been a little over six months and I regret nothing. Sure sometimes I miss the simplicity of my iPhone but there are so many other things out there that the Edge does that my iPhone didn’t do. I couldn’t go back if I tried. Sure iMessage is amazing and Face Time is fun but here are ten things my iPhone does that my iPhone never did.

1.  Multi Task: Who Says You Can’t Do It All?

My brain loves to multi-task or I get bored. So when I discovered I could watch Youtube and scroll Tumblr or watch Youtube and read the news, I lost my mind. If you wanted to do more than two things, you could but my mind would probably explode trying to manage three screens.

2. Channel Your Inner Photog: First Let Me Take a Selfie

Umm …low light in the club! No problem! Want to take an epic selfie without a selfie stick? Perch the phone on anything and say “capture” or “shoot” or “cheese” and Galaxy’s got you! The resolution of this camera also makes me question a lot of things but mostly, “Where has live HDR been all my life.”
*Note: It is not nice to taunt your friends about the camera resolution being inferior to theirs and what is a filter?

3. Customization:  Express Yourself

I can’t say I think outside of the box because in most cases I have no idea where said box is. Forget changing your wallpaper, easily change the entire theme if that’s what you want to do. Every Android you pick up is different. Android made me realize my phone is an extension of me and now it shows.

4. All Screens are Not Created Equal

At first I thought, “This screen is brighter” before realizing I had the wrong adjective. With a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, I have no idea what those numbers mean but with 577 pixels per inch, this screen is vivid. I think I’ve been seeing colors all wrong. It’s so vivid that Instagram food photos look a little more appetizing. Also, I could go on and on about watching videos in 1080 pixels on this phone. I almost feel like I’m at the movies.

5. Charged Up: Wireless Charging

Gone are the days of being at the airport and fighting for a USB port. All those mats you couldn’t use at wireless charging stations are fair game. I didn’t understand the point of wireless charging until I bought a charging mat from T-Mobile. Phones are supposed to make life easier and the ease of wireless charging makes plugging and unplugging your phone a thing of the past.
*Note: Fast charging has also been missing from my life! It takes “0-100 real quick” a little literal. Once I plug my phone in, it can get to 100 percent ridiculously faster than my iPhone ever did. Less time charging and more time “Charged up!”

6. I Got Energy: Battery Saving Mode

Battery saving mode can keep my phone going for eight hours on one charge. Ultra Battery Saver mode is more for when you’re low on juice and you really need your phone to be a phone. It shuts everything that isn’t a necessity down and keeps your phone running longer. But just Battery Saver  Mode does the trick for me.

7. A Need for Speed: Stop Apps From Slowing You Down

You get a little more control with Android. Let’s say your phone is being Gary (From SpongeBob) slow and you  can’t figure out why. Don’t go deleting anything just yet! Go to settings >> applications and manage what’s running. Seeing what’s draining your battery and freezing your phone stop it in it’s tracks. It’s kind of like the Windows Task Manager but for your phone. You’re welcome!

8.  One Step at a Time

Within the First week of owning an S6 me and my mom discovered it tracks your steps. It also tracks your heartbeat and sleep but we find no use for this feature. We enjoy competing to see who has the right to be the most exhausted by the number of steps each of us have taken during the day.

9. In Control

Remember when I said phones should make life easier?  Samsung things so too because the phone came with very few app but Peel Remote is awesome sauce. I can control all the TVs in my house with my phone. Not only can I control the TV but I the cable boxes and pretty much anything with a remote. Sure it’s enabling my laziness but it also tracks my steps.

10. Happy Gestures

Sometimes my phone rings at the most awkward times (even on vibrate) and I would feel like a goofball  to pull it out and ignore the call. No need to do such a thing anymore! Just flip the phone over on it’s face and place your finger on the heart monitor and it can even automatically shoot whomever a “I’m busy, ” text if that’s what you’re into. Another cool gesture I enjoy that if my phone is ringing and I place it to my ear, it automatically answers it and if I put it down, it automatically hangs up.

Sure with great power (this is a powerful phone), comes a few hiccups. I wish Android had a version of iMessage because sending my high resolution cool videos gets pretty darn tricky through messaging. There’s an occasional lag here and there but this phone is so fast I expect to hiccup every now a then. Now that I’ve quit iPhone I’m questioning what other questionable decisions have I been making?  Notice I didn’t mention the Edge. I haven’t found one functional use for the Edge besides it looks cool. Have you traveled over from the iCult to the Galaxy?

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