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Forever 21 Quilted Crossbody; $21

Good morning!
I’m challenging myself to post at least three times a week and three times in one day won’t count. I also want to post more of my beautiful city on here. Hope everyone is enjoying their Hump Day.

Lately I’ve been into Crossbody bags because most of them come medium sized. The larger my bag choice,  the bigger the mess. This bag looks expensive but it’s only $25 from Forever21.  So far so good. It’s my third bag for under $30 that I’ve gotten from Forever and most of the time it’s hit or miss.

What’s in my bag:

A Sugarland Collection notebook I keep buying these because they’re durable and purse sized. You never know when you might need to jot down information with one of the many pens that I’ve collected from my fav restaurants (I kid you not I have at least three Mad Mex pens).

A Forever 21 compact mirror I’ve had this mirror for about two years and somehow I haven’t broken or lost it. Kudos!

Betsey Johnson Kleenex I’m always cold and fall is finally here. When I saw that these were Betsey,  I had to buy them. Probably the cheapest amount of money for Betsey anything.

Betsey Johnson Wallet I’m pretty darn obsessed with Betsey’s stuff and since I no longer Carey her purses,  I splurge on a wallet. It’s time to browse Poshmark for a new one.

Microsoft Zune for those awesome road trips and a trip down musical memory lane. I wish they would’ve made one more of these Zune HDs before giving up.

Jergens Lotion I always need my skin to glow so I always always carry lotion. 

Polka Dot Umbrella of his umbrella fits so perfectly in all my purses I would probably cry if I lost it. I’ve had it since 2009 and somehow I have not lost it. That’s a feat and I deserve a medal.

Wet N Wild Mega lash I’m currently embarking on a journey to learn more about makeup. (I know Lipstick) I bought this as a starting point.

Wet N Wild Lipstick I love red lipstick and mixing colors to come up with my fav shade of burgundy is awesome. My fav mixture is Cherry Bomb and Vamp It Up.  Anything with Vamp It Up will make you feel like you’re on a red carpet. One thing I love about these is they’re cheap but moisturizing and sometimes it takes a while to get the lipstick off.

Such a collection of things in the smallest of purses.

Snaps from My Edge


Yesterday I stopped at a pop up shop in Market Square and this lovely vendor Fascino had this awesome fringe necklace for $20. I love supporting local businesses.


I’m in love with this ring trio and I must buy it. I’ve recently become a Mirina Girl which means if you use the code “justdae” at checkout you can save 20% .  Stay tuned for my review of their jewelry when I get mine. It’s all handcrafted.



Tried something new and I have crotchet twists.  Instead of taking hours and paying someone to do these,  I showed my mom a tutorial and it took us an hour and a half to put these in.  The trick is they come already twisted.


Saturday I made green apple martinis and it turned out so great. Whipped Pinnacle can be used for so many drinks.

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  1. Lauren says:

    You are so beautiful!!! I love your hair:) Also that martini looks soooo delish!


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