& Happy Mom’s Day

Love my mother so I wrote her a poem. Every year I write her a different one. This year’s just came with a slideshow. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. 🙂

She’s my first best friend.
I didn’t pick her, she picked me.
She’s changed my diapers, wiped my snotty nose and tolerated all of my nonsense.
& I do mean all
Like the time I got my fingers caught in everything as a kid.
Car doors, windows and even that
whole manhole situation that I tried to cover up with a band aid.

You’ve cried at all of my graduations
& gave me a gold star for just existing.
You earned perfect attendance at every concert, cheerleading event
even when I went last.

You encourage my creativity and
All my goofy ways.
You were probably the first to pull out the camera to tape my 1 woman
puppet show
First to help me realize my love for words and you’ve always been my biggest cheerleader.

Even when I walked around pappy’s house selling crappy sketches and poems for nickels and dimes
You never discouraged me.
You never once said “Go be a doctor or a scientist.”

You just let me be me.
And you only step in when I’m drowning
You’re always there to throw me a life raft even before I know I need it.

You are in no way perfect but you’re damn near close to it

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