& Re(Introduction)

It took a decade of frustration
but all your indecisive ways were a blessing in disguise

I’d try and I’d try to get you to love me
the way that I loved you the most
but I was asking something of you that you couldn’t give.

Not even big things just
flowers, “Thinking of you,” a text maybe consistency

It took me a while but I realize it wasn’t me
it was all you and loving someone doesn’t mean they’re meant for you.

All your “one foot in , one foot out,”
“On and off,”
“Our timing is wrong,”
Created a new kind of energy that should’ve made me cold
but instead ignited a fire inside of me
Deep down inside of me
Your pushing me away from you
made me closer to me.

How a person introduces you to someone else says a lot about what you mean to them.”

I’m cleaning out my notebook so expect more poems that I’ve never typed.

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