& Happy Mon(Daè) 006

Hola peeps. Another weekend over, means another Monday is upon us.



& Randomness


 A few months ago I told you guys about the awesomeness of Influencester. Influencester is a site that utilizes your social media influence and in exchange you get your hands on free products. Last box I got was a new shampoo, before that it was a coupon for sports bras at Target and before that was a box of Neutrogena goodies, and this go around I got quite the box of goodies. I don’t eat a lot of anything. In fact I don’t eat beef or pork and I’m not too keen on dairy (I like ice cream, ice cream does not like me.) Needless to say this Vox Box is pretty darn interesting. It’s called the Sprout Vox Box.  This box contains: tortilla chips (tasty), a Curate fig and fruit bar (not so tasty), a vanilla bean smoothie protein powder, and hair food. As my hair is natural I don’t think I’ll be  using the hair food (last hair product I got them was not a pleasant experience). The Curate bar has potential to be great but I couldn’t get down with the texture and it needs more fruit to kick up the sweetness as it’s kind of bland. It tastes what I imagine healthy would taste. The chips are pretty awesome. It’s kind of hard to mess up tortilla chips. I have a month to use everything in this box. Hopefully I’ll find the blender by then because I do love smoothies and I could go for protein.

20160510_195523 20160510_185222


& Now Playing

Meghan Trainor – Me Too

Courtney Bennett – Has it Come to This

Travis Garland – Dangerous Woman

Travie not only covers people’s songs but he makes it his own. This is one of my favorites.

& Happy Links

In case you’ve never watched All Def Digital’s Arts & Raps it’s a hilarious series where kids ask rappers random and not so appropriate questions.

William Haynes is slept on. I love his comedy.

SNL Captures Feminism’s Generational Divide with Presidential Barbie Skit

Meghan Trainor took quite a tumble but she handled it like a champ. I love her new album “Thank You” and if I could I would personally thank her.

So here’s a quote to start your week on a positive note. Thanks for reading.




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