& Okay Ever After


I wonder if Snow White is okay right now? Did she grow tired of cleaning up after Prince Charming? 

His charm is probably long gone by now.
Has she gone mad from having seven one dimensional men as her only friends?

I’m a hopeless romantic but sometimes I think she should’ve just ate  the apple for peace and quiet. Maybe the evil queen wasn’t the villain and was just trying to help.

I wonder if Ariel is second guessing the whole land thing
Sebastian was right
the people are not okay.
She’s all “They have forks and high heels and glitter.”
But they have pollution and poverty and Trump.
Sure she got Prince Charming but if I had to choose maybe I would’ve went with the mermaid thing.
Maybe Ursla was trying to help. She took her voice to introduce her to how cruel the world could be if she just listened.

I know Belle’s alright
She’s a bookworm and her husband was a beast
The most well-adjusted people are bookworms
She’s not naïve

She knows there are great things in the world and not so great things like poverty, inequality and ignorance
Books alone makes her fearless
The whole beast thing just made her curious
She probably doesn’t wait on him hand and foot
because she knows the world has bigger issues
than “What’s for dinner tonight.”
Her marriage…  not so far fetched at all
She had the closest thing to a happily ever after
because she knows they don’t exist
All the books she read prepared her to settle for her “Okay Ever After.”

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  1. thesmilingpilgrim says:

    Hah I would so date her

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