& Metaphorically Speaking III

Like a knot in your favorite pair of headphones
I’m a mess
Just trying to get him out of my system

It’s like you meet someone
You plan forevers and kids and then it ends
Sometimes forever is tomorrow

It’s like after him you’re dating placeholders
because you’re holding on to hope
That after years of the back and forth
That eventually you’ll get it together
You don’t ask for too much
It’s not like you want the world.
You just want someone to fill that space
Where he left it cold and empty
Yet full of whole hearted memories
That not even your favorite romantic comedies could live up too.

You just want to stop comparing the placeholder to a ghost who haunted you in good times and bad.
Sometimes it was Casper and sometimes Jason
When it was great it felt like fireworks and every day was the Fourth of July
When it was bad it felt like fireworks going off indoors and dodging for cover.

Someone was always screaming “What have we done.”
It was chaotic like trying to fix a dam with duck tape and wishing for the best.
Love shouldn’t be that complicated.

Like being on the Titanic and smiling as it sinks because we’ll figure out where the last lifeboat is before it’s too late. We’ll figure it out or drown trying.

“Sometimes it’s best to stop jumping in oceans to save people who wouldn’t jump in a puddle for you. “

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