& Happy Mon(Daè) 010

Initially I was going to make this one a video but maybe I’ll start the year off by turning this into a video segment. I did way too many takes, realized I didn’t have anything to set my Samsung Galaxy S7 on and just slightly gave up. There wasn’t enough editing in the world for me to fix it. Anywho, It’s December. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 


& I’m Rockin’

I’ve been purging my closet. Recently I was reunited with all the clothes I hadn’t seen in years because I moved around a lot in the last few years.  I had no desire to wear those clothes that I had been estranged from for so long and I kind of felt bad. Almost like putting all this food on your plate at an event and only eating a quarter of it and throwing the rest of it away.

Oddly enough I didn’t go clothes shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (both I usually celebrate by shopping online). I guess we have Netflix’s “True Cost” to thank for that! It’s a documentary about where our clothing comes from and how we’ve become a society of fast fashion which is leading to waste and worse people are dying over your $4 shirt you’ll only wear once. The older I get the more conscious I get about where things come from.

But I did purchase a new laptop so I don’t have to lug around my five year old laptop and I can write whenever I have the whim to want to do so. This Asus is awesome sauce! It’s super light, fast, you can add memory and it’s gold. All that for less than two hundred dollars was a complete steal.  Especially since I love sitting in coffee shops and writing.

& Now Playing

The whole entire Hamilton Mixtape because Hamilton is life! But in particular Andra Day’s “Burn,” Dessa’s “Congratulations,” and Ja Rule & Ashanti’s “Helpless.”

J.Cole’s “False Prophet” because I appreciate he believes in quality not quantity and doesn’t just drop albums so people can remember he exists.

I had no idea who Aanysa was until she showed up on my Spotify Discover Playlist this week and this young woman reminds me so much of a Ciara in the making. I don’t know why I’m getting those vibes from her but it’s so catchy. 🙂


Christmas time is here and one of my favs is Ariana Grande’s Christmas and Chill project. She invented her own catchy R&B jingles on this project and I absolutely love it! I count down the days until Thanksgiving so I can officially jam to Christmas music.

& Happy Links

The Dakota Access Pipeline was halted & will be re-routed

The United States is Set to Forgive $108 Billion in Student Loan Debt – The undertone of this was such a negative but I as a student think this is a totally positive.

Casinos are finally realizing millennials just aren’t slots people and are trying to take a different approach. 

2016 is almost over and it’s been an interesting one. We’re all at the point that we don’t want to jinx it with the “it could be worse” banter. I don’t necessarily make New Year’s Resolution but I do set goals. This year’s goal was to write more and three books, and an active blog later I can pat myself on the back for doing so. Cheers to a positive week ahead.

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