& Seven Daze


Some relationships just end on a cold Monday for no reason at all and
some come to a screeching halt because one person took the other for granted and
didn’t recognize the other’s worth.

Sometimes you’re both silently sitting in the living room on a Saturday blindsided by the notion that it ended eons ago
yet you didn’t see it coming.
The two of you had went from texting silly things every day to a dry “How was your day? What’s for dinner? What are you doing?”
Holding on to hope simply because you’re both afraid of finding something else.

He knows she deserves better and secretly she does too but they’re just way too stubborn to call it quits after a decade of nonstop ups and downs.
At one point he blessed her with his silence for a while and she realized she could keep herself warm.
She wasn’t completely crazy to want more and question his constant exploring.
She could only give what she had and if that wasn’t enough he didn’t deserve it.

“If you unpack and settle down in a woman’s heart with no intention on staying to love her completely,
please move out. Her emotions are as delicate as the tiny strings holding her heart in place.”

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