& Happy Mon(Daè) 011

We’ve already lived through one week of 2017 and the world is just as chaotic as we left it in 2016 but we can look forward to the upside of life. There’s still Netflix and books to escape the reality of a Donald Trump Administration and how crazy the world is right now. I’m currently searching for carry-on luggage for my New Orleans trip next month and making a list of the goals I want to accomplish for 2017. There’s no new year new me here, it’s more like new year new goals but there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m still going to be just as determined and just as kind as I was last year.

Motivation Monday

& I’m Rockin’

Overalls & Turtleneck from Forever21

These Distressed Overalls from Forever21 that I got for Christmas. There’s so many pockets! So many pockets I almost cried tears of joy. As a woman it’s hard to find things with pockets that you can actually put things in.

Lularoe leggings are great but if you don’t want to spend all your monies don’t sleep on Rue21’s fleece leggings. I love them. Whoever invented fleece leggings I would like to hug them!

Nordstrom Rack Hoodie

Recently I discovered Nordstrom Rack. It’s quite some ways to get to but it’s awesome sauce. When I was Christmas shopping I stopped there and got my dad a hoodie and I had to get one too. It’s so comfy.

Done Good- If you do anything this year download the DoneGood Chrome Extension and any time you go to buy something it shows you if the company you’re purchasing from makes high quality products and meets ethical standards as fair as the environment and the treatment of employees. It wasn’t until I watched Netflix’s “True Cost” that I started becoming more self-aware of what I purchase.

Sure I went into Forever21 today but it was to make an exchange and it didn’t make me feel bad but it made me think twice about purchasing anything. The older I get the more concerned I am about the future of the planet and if I really need to accumulate things as opposed to knowledge and experiences.

& 412 Fresh

Don’t forget this week is Pittsburgh Restaurant Week where you can find unique menus  and some awesome food for a special low price this week. I’ve already booked a reservation at Ruth Chris’. You can check out more info here on it!

Food Truck a Palooza at the Monroeville Convention Center
The Food Truck a Palooza at the Monroeville Convention Center drew quite the crowd with over 25 food trucks, live music and a bouncy house (for kids of course). The proceeds went to the Monroeville Fire Department.
Edgar's Best Tacos Nacho Special
These Nachos had potential real potential but I don’t know if they drew victim to the large crowd or someone was super heavy handed with the cilantro. It was great trying a new truck.


Saturday I ventured off to Pittsburgh’s first indoor food truck roundup and there was so much food everywhere! It was the hardest game of “What do I want to eat,” that I’ve ever played. I tried Edgar’s Best Tacos and for someone who used to live in Corona New York I guess they were Edgar’s Best but not necessarily the very best. I got the Nacho Special and it was okay. My favorite truck still stands as Mac & Gold and as usual there was a line to show it. If you’re looking to check out the food truck scene in Pittsburgh there’s a roundup the first Saturday of every month under the Homestead Bridge.

Zenspire Designs Original
Zenspire Designs Original

I also brought some cool local art while I was there. I discovered Zenspire. While being indecisive about what I wanted to eat I ran into this booth with awesome hand drawn hand drawn art and my oh my! I couldn’t help but to buy this one. I can’t wait to frame it. Also I went to her site and discovered she was one of the Starbucks winners for her cup design.

& Now Playing

I don’t know where I was when I first heard Fergie’s “Life Goes On” but I needed to hear it. This song is so catchy the first time I heard it I was singing the chorus by the end of it. Such a simple message.

Chris Brown makes party music he makes R&B music but his personal life does make it very hard to like him. Good thing I can differentiate between the artist and the art. He does seem like the type of person I would love to have a sit down with because he seems intellectual at times…. maybe. It was almost like he used to be this great guy until the media built him up to just bash him and he didn’t want to become what the media wanted him to be but after a while got tired of fighting it. Just my interpretation of it all.  I wish he would just make art and be a little less of a drama king. He’s a problematic artist but I can’t help to jam to this on my way to work.

Little Mix’s “Shout Out To My Ex” came out two months ago and I’m still jamming to it. 🙂 I have no shame!

Last but definitely not least Wale. He doesn’t get a lot of credit in the rap game. He’s so slept on that people forget that they’re sleeping on him. Wale made this “Black is Gold” track that me and my mom jam to on a daily. It gives me that Tupac “Keep Your Head Up” vibe. Hip hop has so many rap songs that are bashing black women that we needed this.

& Happy Links

Glamour asked people ages 5-75 one simple question and got many simple answers.

Here’s a good laugh. Comedian William Haynes made a video last year on why he should be able to buy Drake’s old house and why the internet should fund it. Needless to say it didn’t get funded but it’s a funny video. I can’t wait to see what else William Haynes make

This guy spent most of 2016 looking for where he parked his car after a concert and he finally found it. 

That’s all for this week’s Mon(Daè) edition. Hope you guys and gals make this week a positive one.



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