28: Bites of Wisdom




Never apologize for who you are or what you feel especially if you’re okay with it. Don’t break yourself bending over backwards to help everyone. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself because life is short and you’re going to need that laugh. With confidence, anything is possible just be certain you want it because once it’s yours you must know what to do with it. Winging it is only successful like 90% of the time but makes for 100% of great stories. Failure is okay. Just don’t get comfortable there. Do not move in with failure. Regroup, rebuild and fail better. Love yourself because if you don’t no one else will and that’s one less person you’ll have putting you down. Be kind. Cruel people need it the most and you’ll be able to say you were kind before it was “cool.” You don’t need that (insert material thing here). Save that money and buy a ticket to some place you’ve never been. Things break, tear and tarnish. Places will never let you down. Don’t measure your success in money. Money is refundable, your time is not. Pick your friends wisely. They know all your secrets. Laugh more, love often and never give up something you want.

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